September 18, 7 PM EST

SIT RIGHT BACK AND YOU’LL HEAR A TALE… from a professor, a movie star, a journalist, and a forensic tech!

Rogue Reads sails into fall with incredible authors KAREN ROSE, RICHARD ARMITAGE, SUJATA MASSEY and our own LISA BLACK. They’ll reveal the latest about their brand-new suspense novels, read excerpts for you, and answer questions. Emcee is our own JENNY MILCHMAN.

It’s all FREE, and you and three other guests can also win the drawings for one of the authors’ brand new novels. (U.S. addresses only.) Wishing you the best of luck!

GENEVA by Richard Armitage
WHAT HARMS YOU by Lisa Black

As an added treat, while you’re watching at home you can sample each author’s favorite snack and drink. Feel adventurous and culinary? Dining and drinking will commence at the start of the show.

If you’re among the first 100 in the Zoom room, you can personally debrief the authors, or you can catch them on Facebook Live and interrogate via comments. Come and enjoy great book talk!

Internationally bestselling, RITA-award winning author Karen Rose’s debut novel, Don’t Tell, was released in July, 2003. Since then, she has published more than twenty-five novels and two novellas. Her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, London’s Sunday Times bestseller lists, hit #1 on Germany’s der Spiegel and in South Africa, and multiple other international locations. A former high school teacher, Karen lives in Florida.

Beneath Dark Waters, (A New Orleans Novel Book 2), August 15, 2023

There’s no safe place for a child to hide when danger comes from every direction.

Public prosecutor J.P. “Kaj” Cardozo’s son becomes the target of a kidnapping attempt and Veteran Marine Val Sorensen’s latest assignment is to guard ten-year-old Elijah. But when the high-stakes investigation reveals an explosive network of crime through a revived drug gang, lingering deep-seated corruption in the NOPD, and a group of murderers-for-hire targeting Kaj, Elijah, and his star client, are all left scrambling for safety…

View Karen’s drink and snack recipe

Richard Armitage is a multi-award winning stage, screen, and voice actor best known for his roles in Peter Jackson’s trilogy of The Hobbit; Captain America: The First Avenger; Alice Through the Looking Glass; Ocean’s 8; and the recent Netflix series The Stranger. Geneva is his first novel. Richard lives in London and New York City.

Geneva, October 10, 2023

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sarah Collier has started to show the same tell-tale signs of the Alzheimer’s disease as her father: memory loss, even blackouts. So she is reluctant to be the guest of honor at a prestigious biotech conference, until her husband Daniel, also a neuroscientist, persuades her. The technology being unveiled at this conference could revolutionize medicine forever. More than that, it could save Sarah’s life.

In Geneva, the couple are feted as stars. But behind the five-star luxury, investors are circling, controversial blogger Terri Landau is all over the story, and Sarah’s symptoms are getting worse. As events begin to spiral out of control, Sarah can’t be sure who to trust—including herself.

Favorite Drink: An Old-fashioned
Favorite Snack: Toblerone

(Both as featured in Geneva!)

Sujata Massey writes mystery and suspense fiction set in pre-Independence India, as well as a modern mystery series set in Japan. Her novels have won the Agatha, Lefty, Macavity and Mary Higgins Clark prizes and were finalists for the Edgar®, Anthony, and Harper Lee literary awards. Sujata earned a B.A. in Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University and wrote features for the Baltimore Evening Sun before becoming a novelist.

The Mistress of Bhatia House (A Perveen Mistry Novel), July 11, 2023

India, 1922: Perveen Mistry is the only female lawyer in Bombay, a city where child mortality is high, birth control is unavailable and very few women have ever seen a doctor.

The grandson of an influential Gujarati businessman catches fire, and his young ayah, Sunanda, rushes to save him, later arrested on trumped-up charges made by a man who doesn’t seem to exist. Perveen takes Sunanda as a client, but the case spirals into a complex investigation when a second fire erupts. Has someone framed Sunanda to cover up another crime? Will Perveen be able to prove Sunanda’s innocence without endangering her own family?

Favorite drink: Sujata’s favorite drink is a cup of chai with milk (Assam).

Favorite snack: Little Schoolboy biscuits by the LU company and others. They are like Petite Buerre but with a layer of dark chocolate. No redeeming qualities except for the taste!

Lisa Black works as a forensic specialist for the city of Cape Coral, Florida police department, while also writing seventeen novels of suspense in multiple series. She has been a guest of honor at Killer Nashville, shortlisted for the inaugural Sue Grafton Memorial Award and belongs to numerous writing organizations. She is also a full time Certified Crime Scene Analyst and Certified Latent Print Examiner, and has appeared as a consultant on CourtTV.

What Harms You (A Locard Institute Thriller #2), July 25, 2023

What happens when a serial killer goes to CSI school?

The Locard Institute is a state-of-the-art forensic research center where experts from around the world confront and solve the world’s most challenging crimes. When Dr. Ellie Carr arrives for her first day as instructor, colleague Dr. Barbara Wright is found dead within hours. Soon after, a young woman disappears only to be found in a gruesome tableau. Although forensic traces are elusive, Ellie and Rachael are determined to find the bizarre link between the violent deaths. Ellie searches old files and finds evidence of a crime that feels much too personal. But who, among those dedicated to justice, could be the threat? No matter how skilled she and Rachael may be in uncovering the truth, they might not be able to prevent a well-schooled killer from striking again.

Favorite snack: Ice cream. Without a doubt, ice cream. Lisa entered the work world at 14 making twisty soft-serve ice cream cones, but she never, ever, got tired of it. On leisurely days, an after-breakfast treat is vanilla Edy’s with Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips.

Favorite drink: A hot chocolate martini: Hot chocolate mix (made according to directions), 1 ounce vodka (chocolate vodka if you have it), 1 ounce Irish cream, 1 oz vanilla vodka (or dash of vanilla flavoring)

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Our MC:

Jenny Milchman is the Mary Higgins Clark award winning and PEN/Faulkner nominated author of five novels of suspense. Her work has been praised by the New York Times, chosen as Indie Next Picks, received starred reviews from PW, Booklist, and Library Journal, selected for numerous Best Of’s including Suspense Magazine, Pure Wow and Popsugar, and appeared on the USA Today bestsellers list (once, but we authors like to name these things). In 2013, Jenny rented out her house, traded in two cars for an SUV that could handle Denver in February, and pulled her kids out of 1st and 3rd grades to “car-school” them on what Shelf Awareness called the world’s longest book tour. Jenny now speaks nationally on the literal and figurative road to a dream.

Karen Rose’s Recipes:

Val’s Favorite Boozy Drink:
1 pint vanilla ice cream
6-8 Oreo cookies plus ½ for each glass
3-4 ounces Godiva Chocolate Liquor OR 3-4 ounces Crème de Menthe OR 3-4 ounces Root Beer Schnapps (Godiva is best but the others work very well)
2 ounces milk (regular, 2% or almond or oat milk)

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend on medium or milk shake/smoothie setting until smooth and cookies are completely integrated into drink. Pour into two or more glasses. Top with half an Oreo.

Val’s Favorite snack: S’mores Cupcakes

Karen says: While you could make the cake mix from scratch, a pastry chef I know says that boxed mixes taste about as good and are far simpler. When making the cake batter, I recommend you substitute the water for coffee…in whole or in part. You can also adjust the strength of the flavor by using stronger coffee or omitting it altogether. Day old coffee also works fine, but instant coffee doesn’t work so well (it tends to be bitter).

1. Make cupcakes according to the recipe…substituting coffee for water in whatever proportions you’d like. The coffee flavor is NOT terribly strong and Val loves her coffee.
2. When you remove the cupcakes from the oven, allow them to cool to room temperature…about one hour.
3. Frost the entire cupcake or part with marshmallow whip. If only doing part, use frosting for the other part.
4. Optional: Using a crème brulée torch or broiler, lightly toast the marshmallow whip. Be careful NOT to light the topping on fire!
5. Top with a piece of graham cracker or graham cracker crumble.

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