November 15, 7 PM EST

Get ready to be spellbound! Join Alison Gaylin, Isabella Maldonado, Catriona McPherson, and Hannah Morrissey for book talk and fun at 7:00 p.m. EST, Mon., Nov 15th. It’s all free—plus you can win a copy of Isabella’s fabulous new novel, A Different Dawn! Emceed by our very own Lisa Black.

Come eat, drink, & ask questions! Authors will share insider stories, writerly tips, and dish the latest on their new books.

Following a brief introduction each of our guests will talk about their work, and then read for about three minutes followed by Q&A.


The first 100 who sign up to be in the virtual room will have the chance to ask questions live. Once registered you will be sent a link to use to log in. Everyone else can catch the event by clicking on Facebook Live, where you can ask questions via comments. The Rogues will be monitoring the chat throughout the evening, so come prepared.

As a special treat, each of our guests has paired a favorite snack with their favorite drink providing a recipe for an enjoyable evening. Drinking will commence at the start of the show!

USA Today and international bestselling author and Edgar and Shamus award winner Alison Gaylin began as a journalist who covered the arts and entertainment beat for fifteen years, and lives in New York with her husband and daughter.

The Collective, November 2

In The Collective, a grieving mother desperate for revenge finds a like-minded group on the dark web—and gets a lot more than she bargained for. The story deals with vengeance, doled out by a group of aggrieved and very angry women. But grieving mother Camille must find if the executions doled out are only virtual… and if not, how far is she willing to go to get justice for her daughter?

Drink: Alison likes anejo tequila, neat—preferably with vinegar and salt potato chips.

Isabella Maldonado spent over two decades as a police officer, retiring as a captain in charge of special investigations and forensics. She then applied the same determination to becoming a writer, joining and becoming president of Sisters in Crime Phoenix, where she lives with her young son and the rest of her family, and where she occasionally contributes her expertise to that city’s Channel 12 News. The first book in her FBI thriller series, The Cipher, was optioned by Netflix for a film starring Jennifer Lopez.

A Different Dawn, August 10

For nearly thirty years a serial killer has been hiding in plain sight—and so has the key to an FBI agent’s dark past. The brutal murder of a family seems uncomfortably similar to a triple homicide that occurred four years earlier and quite far away, but worse yet, the crime scenes echo FBI agent Nina Guerrera’s vulnerable childhood.

Drink: A prickly pear margarita (the prickly pear cactus grows wild all over Arizona).

The prolific and multiple award-winning Catriona McPherson grew up in Scotland and moved to California in 2010. She writes a historical series set in the old country in the 1930s, but also after eight years in the new country, she kicked off the comic Last Ditch Motel series, which takes a wry but affectionate look at California life from a Scottish perspective. In addition she writes a strand of darker psychological thrillers.

The Mirror Dance, November 23

You can’t trust your eyes when you’re watching The Mirror Dance: in this 15th book in the series, aristocratic sleuth Dandy Gilver finds that the murder of a Punch and Judy puppeteer connects to Dandy’s investigation of plagiarism, the theater and academia.

Dandy Gilver’s fave food: fish and chips, served in newspaper and eaten while sitting on a harbor wall.

Debut author Hannah Morrissey’s education began at a two-room schoolhouse and concluded at the University of Wisconsin—Madison where she earned her BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Between roles of bookseller and copywriter, she spent three and a half years transcribing police reports and plotting her first novel. She lives with her police lieutenant husband, two pugs who sleep beside her while she writes, and a TBR pile that never seems to get any smaller.

Hello, Transcriber, November 30

In Hello, Transcriber, aspiring writer and police transcriber Hazel Greenlee believes that writing a novel could be her ticket to a better future. When her neighbor confesses to hiding the body of a nine-year-old overdose victim linked to a notorious drug dealer who targets children, Hazel joins the lead detective to explore Black Harbor’s underworld. As the investigation unfolds, Hazel will learn just how far she’ll go for a good story, even if it means destroying her marriage and luring the killer to her as she plunges deeper into the city she’s desperate to claw her way out of.

Hazel’s favorite snack is strawberries, because they’re fresh and bright and therefore the antithesis of Black Harbor.

Her fave drink is a Caramel Macchiato:
– milk
– 3 pumps vanilla syrup
– 2 shots espresso
– caramel drizzle

1. Prepare 2 shots of espresso in a shot glass.
2. In a metal pitcher, steam or froth the milk using a steam wand.
3. Add 2 pumps of vanilla syrup to the bottom of your mug.
4. Pour steamed milk from the metal pitcher into the mug. Leave room.
5. Add the 2 shots of espresso.
6. Drizzle the caramel in a cross-hatch pattern over the foam.
7. Sip and enjoy.

Our MC:

Lisa Black is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 suspense novels, including works that have been translated into six languages, optioned for film, and shortlisted for the inaugural Sue Grafton Memorial Award. She is also a Latent Print Examiner and a certified Crime Scene Analyst, beginning her forensics career at the Coroner’s office in Cleveland Ohio and then the police department in Cape Coral, Florida. She has spoken to readers and writers at numerous conferences and will be a Guest of Honor at 2021 Killer Nashville.

Rogue Reads will be taking a hiatus in December, but stay tuned for an announcement of our January guests!