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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in September…

Our friend Ryan Steck, The Real Book Spy, juggles a lot between his various jobs—kids, editing, a debut thriller—the list goes on. He helped us start September off right by going rogue and telling us exactly how he checks every item on his hefty to-do list.

Then, a celebration. Our very own Rogue, Tosca Lee, has signed on to write her WWII novel, The Long March Home, with coauthor Marcus Brotherton. Read all about it in this Rogue Flash.

Laurie King
Laurie R. King

Laurie R. King stopped in to share a guest blog, telling us all about a critical tool for fiction writers: research methods. Learn what rules the Queen of Research follows in Laurie King Goes Rogue.

Back in the Rogue Salon, Rogue Gayle Lynds posed our authors a question: Of what do writers dream? We dove deep into that unconscious world and discovered how dreams impact the Rogues’ writing and how writing impacts their dreams.

Then, an appearance from a horrific, monstrous visitor: an anti-muse. As writers and creators, we know what it’s like to be bitten and smitten by an anti-muse. In this spectacular guest post, international author and speaker Victor Acquista teaches us how to identify and slay this beast.

In the middle of the month, an award-winning writing couple from the not so distant past strolled in for a Mystery Minute, brought to you, as always, by award-winning author Z.J. Czupor.

A Rogue Flash brought us into the second half of September with a celebration of How to Write a Mystery‘s three first place awards. Edited by Lee Child and Laurie R. King, this anthology is comprised of essays from bestselling and award-winning mystery/thriller authors, including our very own Rogue, Gayle Lynds. The collection is a complete guide to writing and publishing a mystery.

On the 20th of September, Susan Elia MacNeal went Rogue to travel back to WWII, bringing us a captivating story of a mother, daughter duo who went undercover as spies in Los Angeles’ Nazi movement.

Need a refresher course in Writing 101? Rogue Karna Small Bodman takes us back to the basics. Passing along both her favorite writing tips and “how to” books in Tips From The Pros.

The 15th of September marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, which inspired Rogue Isabella Maldonado to write My Big Fat Latino Novel. She walks us down the road to writing crime novels with latinx protagonists, describing the barriers she hit along the way.

That’s a wrap for September! We hope you’ll join us in October for another round of posts from our spectacular Rogues!

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    So many great items to check out here – in case you missed them!! And congrats again to Tosca on her new novel!

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