ASK THE ROGUES: What Do Writers Dream?

by Gayle Lynds I’ve had a number of restless nights lately. You know what I mean — weird stuff speeding through my brain, banging at my consciousness, trying to be useful (or not). Mostly, it’s about writing — I’m working on a couple of different novels at the same time.  In the past, the...

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by Gayle Lynds This is the best writing advice I ever got. Learning to write well is like climbing a greased pole. You make a couple of feet of progress (exhilarating!), but then you slide back a foot, or more (groan!).   In the beginning I was climbing and sliding, climbing and sliding, having...

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ASK THE ROGUES: Secrets in a Writer’s Office

by Gayle Lynds A writer's desk reveals secrets about the writer. This is my office, me, GAYLE LYNDS. I’m not a messy person. Really. Our house is darn neat, but when I work, I go into another world that’s informed by past novels and those I hope to write. I let my creative side roam. On...

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ASK THE ROGUES: What Haunts You When Writing?

By Gayle Lynds It’s October, and a chill is in the air. Chipmunks and bears are going to ground, and pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins are showing up on porches and in windows. Ohhh, good! Halloween will soon be here! But as you and I are smiling about the fun of the holiday, there’s another...

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