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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in May

May began with some fantastic news: Isabella Maldonado‘s upcoming release, A Killer’s Game, was chosen as an editor’s pick and was offered as an Amazon First Reads for the month of May! Get all the details in this Rogue Flash.

Next, Lisa Black revealed the discoveries she made one recent evening when she forgot to grab her phone. Live music and happy accidents sit center stage in How to Live in the Moment.

May Rogue Roundup Live in the Moment

On the second Tuesday of May, we hosted our favorite reoccurring guest, Z.J. Czupor, and he brought with him a secret guest. Our game of “Guess Who” concluded on the 31st, but check back in a couple weeks to test your investigative skills with the next On Tour with Dead Writers.

How often do you need a two-year-old? Unfortunately for Chris Goff, recently the answer has been A LOT. Two falls, two hospital visits, and a rough two weeks—Chris gave us some updates in her Mid-May post.

May is our anniversary month! Don’t worry, we weren’t expecting a gift—however we did give several away. This month, the Rogues turned seven years old; to celebrate our anniversary and the new newsletter format with new subscriber-only benefits, we gave one lucky subscriber a giant bag of new books and other goodies.

Next, the extraordinary guest, Richard Cass, stopped by. He introduced us to a new publishing platform that he and other authors are using for serialized novels: Substack.

May Rogue Roundup  Substack

Late in the month, our own award-winning Rogue, Tracy Clark, brushed with greatness, meeting two of her writing heroes. Discover who had her star-struck in this blog.

Remember that Anniversary Giveaway? Well we’re excited to say we’ve chosen a winner! On the 30th, one lucky subscriber won the grand prize. Discover who in a flash!

May Rogue Roundup Anniversary giveaway

Here at Rogue Women Writers, we enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of women. To round out the month, our own Karna Small Bodman brought to our attention four brilliant women who have been overlooked far too long. Discover them, their stories, and the authors who brought them back into the light, today.

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