by | Jun 2, 2023 | Giveaways, Rogue Reads

Four lucky registrants from this Monday’s Rogue Reads were randomly drawn to win one of the authors books. Were you one?

Tracy from North Carolina won Tosca Lee‘s The Long March Home and responded: “Wow, that is awesome! Thank you. This was my first event, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. As expected, my TBR pile grew but also my list of authors that I follow did as well. I love finding new books/authors through events like this.”

M.P. in Washington state wrote:

“I’m excited to read Blow Up by Ellen Crosby, having spent several years in DC. It was and remains one of my favorite cities.

The Rogue Women Writers are an amazing group of thriller female authors. They share a sneak peek of upcoming great reads by hosting and grilling the authors of those reads directly on their monthly Rogue Reads live event. They inspire through their Rogue News Flash and, no matter what the medium, collectively and individually capture the imagination of fans, peers and fledgling authors (like me). Go Rogue. You won’t regret it.”

Saundra in Missouri was excited to win Dr. D. P. Lyle‘s Cultured.

Saundra told us: “Thank you for adding to my library! I do really enjoy the author talks and articles. Thank you so much for running this always interesting group.”

And Sara in Illinois won Liv Constantine‘s newest thriller!

She told us:

“This is so exiting!  Thank you so very much!

Last year I got hooked on Liv Constantine after a co-worker recommended their books! I could not put any of them down and read them all during the summer, including the books Lynne wrote under the pen name of LC Shaw.  

I signed up to receive emails and was excited to hear about their new book!  When the email shared the various locations to join them for conversation, I knew I would not be able to attend in person, so I joined a virtual call!  It was wonderful, intimate, and great to meet other authors too!  Each author answered my questions, and it was great to get to know them a little bit.  Now I can try out some new authors when I am done reading The Senator’s Wife!  I will join future Rogue Reads in the future!

Thank you again so very much!  I am beyond excited!!”

Don’t miss next month’s Rogue Reads, June 19th, with Steve Berry, Richard North Patterson, Kate White and our own Isabella Maldonado!