ROGUE FLASH: Isabella Maldonado’s new book chosen for Amazon’s First Reads

by | May 3, 2023 | Isabella Maldonado, Rogue Flash | 2 comments

The Rogues are excited that Isabella’s new book A KILLER’S GAME just went live as an editor’s pick and is being offered as an Amazon First Reads for the month of May!

The editors noted:

For fans of Squid Game and Criminal Minds, bestselling author Isabella Maldonado delivers the first book in a new series, featuring Daniela “Dani” Vega, an FBI agent whose life is on the line as she’s forced to crack codes and solve clues in a killer’s game. Maldonado drops twists just as fast as she drops bodies.

Dani witnesses a murder on the streets of New York. When she finally catches the assassin, hired hit man Gustavo Toro, the FBI cuts a deal with him to bring Dani undercover and behind the scenes of a conspiracy that runs deeper than they imagined—one run by Nemesis. When Dani and Toro, along with a network of hit men, are lured to a top-secret location, Dani must survive a series of deadly puzzles and keep her true identity a secret.

A Killer’s Game is a high-octane thriller set in an escape room filled with lethal tasks. This book has the definition of an intricate plot line. I was on the edge of my seat trying to unravel the multifaceted characters and motives.

—Megha Parekh, Editor

Congratulations, Isabella!!

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  1. Micki Browning

    This is awesome, Isabella. Congratulations! You’ve obviously got another winner!

  2. Tracy Clark

    Go, Isabella! Can’t wait to read this.