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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in September

We began our Fall as many parents do: holding a moment of gratitude for teachers. Tosca Lee paid A Tribute to Teachers, expressing thanks to the people who encouraged her and guided her to her true passion.


Next, Lisa Black gave us the 101 on Forensic Genetic Genealogy. When did it burst into the American lexicon? What serial killer did it uncover? Find out in I Will Find You: The Use of Forensic Genealogy.

Did you know bestselling author Tori Eldridge is a ninja with a fifth-degree black belt? We’re not joking. She Went Rogue in September to take us along on her journey to find her preferred martial arts discipline and reveal how she incorporates her mastery into her novels.

We then went On Tour with Dead Writers with Z.J. Czupor. September’s clue centered on the Google Doodle below—do you recognize which beloved and acclaimed author it celebrates? Follow the clue trail and test your own investigative skills! And remember to tune into October’s Tour to win a free book!

Google Doodle for a dead writer

Back from our monthly Tour, we decided to go DEEP. Chris Goff began a two part blog on Total Immersion: a writing technique for the fully committed author. She shows us how to “go deep” into our character to hone our writing skills.

The Long March Home launched in March, and we’re excited to announce it’s up for a Giveaway! Winners will be chosen Oct 9, so enter before then to win one of 25 Print Copies from the two bestselling authors Tosca Lee and Marcus Brotherton.

Next, we Walked the Line Between Darkness and Light with a Cozy Mystery Gone Rogue. Michelle Bennington took us behind the scenes of constructing the mind and actions of a character who hoards.

On her her heels Victoria Selman went Rogue. Like many Crime Fiction authors, she’s fascinated by the criminal psyche: What causes good people to do bad things? What makes monsters? She explores Criminal Profiling as Inspiration for Crime Fiction in her guest blog.

To wrap up September, Tracy Clark recounted her trip to Bouchercon and reflected on the modern business of writing and the role of face-to-face book promotion in The Business of Writing.

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