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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in March…

Alex Kava, NY Times bestselling author, sprung us into March with five author podcasts she uses for inspiration, tips, and tricks. Discover what makes them so great by starting with her favorite episodes of each.


Image contains title, hosts: Sara Rosett and Jami Albright, a corner of a mac keyboard, and most of tea/coffee cup (full, white china, pink petal fallen on dish. top down view). Backgrounds in white.

Next, we take a step back through time with Once Upon a Villa, the new memoir from Andrew Kaplan, who is widely know as a best-selling author of the spy thrillers. He’s gone rogue in his memoir by genre jumping to the romantic adventures of his time spent writing on the French Riveria, recalling the adventure he experienced there.

We linger in the 1980s for the next blog, moving to Great Britain to explore a series of questionable “suicides” coined The Star Wars Murders. Lisa Black recounts the mysterious demise of more than twenty British scientists over a five year period following their work on the Strategic Defense Initiative.

March Rogue Roundup

Image is primarily black and marbled blue. Two satellites or white and copper float in inky black of space, likely low orbit. Bottom portion of image is marbles blue of the earth's oceans coated in wispy clouds. 
Entire image is textured and exposed with styling of an 80s film camera (image is likely from the era).

Then came the second Tuesday of March and, with it, the next On Tour with Dead Writers from Z.J. Czupor. This author of thrillers and westerns wrote edgy dialogue and idiosyncratic, believable characters. Who was he? Make your guess and check to see if you’re right! Next author comes on tour April 9th, subscribers received an extra hint toward their identity on April 1st.

Back in the present, we received a guest on our blog: Kira Peikoff, who stopped in to peel back the layers of bioethics research behind her new techno-thiller, Baby X, with a Q&A!

March Rogue Roundup

Image is that of a computer-generated DNA strand. Background is dark blue, smattered with hazy green spots towards upper left side of image which glow like dust motes.

The DNA strand stretches from top left to bottom right, curving across image as it twists. The helixes are chrome and iridescent, catching and reflecting the colors of the background and the vibrant green and pink sets of base pairs twirling between the double helix.

Lastly, a question: do you stop to smell the flowers or flee from the pollen? Spring is in the air and with it, the rites of passage which usher in the season. Chris Goff explores the annual change of seasons and some changes in the new season of her life in her blog Rites of Passage.

Thank you for joining us for the March Rogue Roundup. Join us on April 15th for the next Rogue Reads.
And, until next time, stay Rogue.