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By Alex Kava

Writing a novel is a solitary endeavor, but sometimes it helps to hear how other authors deal with the same challenges. Plus, we all could use a little inspiration once in a while. 

Here are five of my favorite podcasts offering conversations, information and a whole lot of inspiration about writing and publishing.

Use podcasts to inspire your writing!

White woman in jogging gear sits at outside table, sup of tea in hand. She has glasses, hair in bun, and ear buds in. Purple flowers on teal table, city street in background.

#1: The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn
First of 5 Podcasts : The Creative Penn Podcast
Host Joanna Penn on right, The Creative Penn logo in bottom left corner. Joanna is a White woman with dark hair and a bright smile. Logo is white and red, the I in Creative is a pen. Back ground seen on left side of image is a blurred out city corner containing maybe a bike rack.

Look up any lists of podcasts about writing, and you’ll most likely find The Creative Penn in the top five. Joanna Penn is a New York Times bestselling and award-nominated author. She calls herself a creative entrepreneur, and her podcast offers a wide range of topics from improving your craft to building a business. 

Joanna was one of the industry’s podcast pioneers, starting in early 2009. Today, her podcast has 9.5 million downloads from across 228 countries.

Some recent sample episodes:

#2: Wish I’d Known for Writers
Second of 5 Podcasts :  Wish I’d Known for Writers

Image contains title, hosts: Sara Rosett and Jami Albright, a corner of a mac keyboard, and most of tea/coffee cup (full, white china, pink petal fallen on dish. top down view). Backgrounds in white.

Sara Rosett, a USA Today bestselling author and Jami Albright, a multiple award-winning author, co-host this podcast about authors learning from their mistakes as well as their successes.

Each week Sara and Jami have a guest author to share “the ideas, tips, and strategies that have taken them to the top of the bestseller charts.”

Sample episodes:

#3: Quitcast for Writers
Third of 5 Podcasts :  Quitcast for Writers
Image is green with a white square in center. Right side of square is image of Becca Syme (White woman with brow hair, glasses, red shirt, looking up and left with a closed mouth smile) and slashed through in background with orange/yeallow gradient diagonal line. 
Within the white box is the title of the podcast and a youtube subscription icon. Faint in the upper lefthand corner on green is the podcast title again, logo format: dot of I is a wifi symbol.

Becca Syme is an author success coach as well as an author. Her book, “Dear Writer, You Need to Quit,” created a stir by challenging authors to know: “What to quit. What to keep. And what to question.” 

As a Gallup-certified strength coach, Becca has coached over 6,000 authors, encouraging them to tap into their strengths and realize that not every author’s process works for every author.

Sample episodes:

#4: The Rebel Author Podcast
Fourth of 5 Podcasts : The Rebel Author Podcast

Entire image is the podcast's logo: Centered is a purple outline resembling maleficent's horns, purple "THE" centered between horns in sans serif, black "Rebel" in serif below, and "AUTHOR PODCAST" in thin black san serif below. 

Very bottom of image, the podcast title reads in bold purple camel case sans serif.

Sacha Black is a bestselling and award-winning author who tells it like it is, inspiring every writer’s “inner rebel.” Her podcast promises to “teach you how to improve your writing and become a badass entrepreneur.

Sample episodes:

Ep. 228 – Publishing Predictions for 2024 and Beyond with Clayton Noblit

Ep. 220 – How To Launch a Successful Series with Helen Scheuerer


#5: The Indy Author Podcast
Fifth of 5 Podcasts : The Indy Author Podcast

Entire image is podcast logo:
Navy blue image and font
Front centered is a boat graphic drawn from front angle so bow is centered and straight. Empty space is left white, giving Grecian pottery effect. Bows' bottom at hull is a quill's nib, doubling bow as pen.

All caps, serif. Em dashes are stylized to a point on outer edges.

Matty Dalrymple is an author, speaker and consultant. When describing her podcast, she says, “We discuss the writing craft, the publishing voyage, and how we can navigate our way to the readers who will love our books.”

Each week Matty’s friendly and inquisitive interview style gets guests to share interesting and informative perspectives on the writing craft and the publishing industry.

Sample episodes:

Ep. 227 – Six Keys to Author Success – Part 1 with Nick Thacker

Ep. 226 – From Gatekeepers to Guides: The Evolving Role of Agents with David Morris

Alex Kava, Best Selling Author

Alex Kava is the New York TimesUSA Today and Amazon bestselling author of twenty-one novels that include the critically acclaimed series featuring K9 handler Ryder Creed and the international bestselling series with FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell. She’s been awarded two Nebraska Book Awards, a Florida Book Award and the Mari Sandoz Award. Published in thirty-two countries, her novels have sold over six million copies and have appeared on bestseller lists in the UK, Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Japan. When she’s not writing, Alex enjoys spending time with her pack of Westies who are definitely not as well trained as Ryder Creed’s dogs.

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  1. Karna Small Bodman

    What a great list of helpful podcasts for authors (guess I’ll have to get started here – as I have not been listening to podcasts and it certainly looks like there is much to learn!). About your opening line that writing a novel is a solitary endeavor — it reminded me of a great cartoon showing a guy sitting alone at a computer, surrounded by files and books. The captain read: Definition of a writer: one who works in complete isolation for the sake of communication.

  2. Lisa Black

    I love podcasts, but the only one on this list that I knew of is the first one. Thanks for the information!