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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in January

Tosca Lee started January off by telling us her favorite part of writing: meeting you. While she loves second drafts and the editing process, both pale in comparison to rediscovering her novel thru her readers’ eyes.

Next, Z.J. Czupor returned for his monthly installment of On Tour with Dead Writers, a guessing game to hone your investigative skills for a chance at a free book. In January, we went to the snowy North to tease out an acclaimed mystery and suspense writer of 27 novels. Who was she?

January Rogue Roundup
Z.J. Czupor’s On Tour with Dead Writers

Once you’ve sharpened your research skills on Z.J.’s game, brush up on other tricks of the trade, such as fingerprinting, with our resident expert, Lisa Black. She clues us in on the methods and challenges of pulling a fingerprint in FINGERPRINTS AND FISH TANKS: Does that really work?

Next, a guest stopped by with a crime scene of his own. Otho Eskin went rogue to tell of the cold case behind his newest thriller—a museum heist where robbers stole art worth $600,000,000 in 81 minutes.

Our investigations complete, we ended January with call to holidays: commemorative, celebratory, and just plain fun. Grab your calendar, Chris Goff has brought us a whole list of fun a quirky holidays!

January Rogue Roundup
Holidays: the solemn, the commemorative, and the just plain fun.

Thank you for stopping by another Rogue Roundup. Rogue Reads will be back on February 12th, so check out our lineup!
Until next time, stay Rogue.

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