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By Karna Small Bodman


Have you ever read a book where a dog is one of the characters? It turns out that our Rogue author, Alex Kava, has written an entire bestselling series featuring a dog, “Grace,” who works with her K9 handling, Ryder Creed and FBI agent Maggie O’Dell to rescue people. In her terrific mystery, Fallen Creed, the story begins as a search for a missing young woman. Did she run away? Or was she taken? Ryder agrees to search for her, but an early snowstorm blurs the landscape, and his partner fears he and Grace may have walked right into a killer’s path. It’s a gripping tale where the dog may hold the key to finding not only the victim but the tracker as well.

Another bestselling novel where the main character is the dog is W. Bruce Camerons’s heartwarming story, A Dog’s Way Home, which has not only remained on bestseller lists but was made into a feature film. I remember watching the TV production and crying as this incredible dog, which had been separated from his loving family, escapes his captors and sets off on a dangerous 400 mile journey through the Colorado wilderness to try and find his way home — a trek that takes years, courage and faith. This author has written over a dozen books featuring wonderful dogs, including several for young readers.

A Dog's Way Home

Speaking of young readers, since we have two Labradoodles who are our constant, lovable companions, I was inspired to take a break from writing thrillers to pen a children’s series of picture books about a puppy who lives in the White House. The first one, Wrigley at the White House, is about four-year old twins (boy and girl) who get a puppy for their birthday. They name him Wrigley because they had been taken to a Chicago Cubs game and loved their time at Wrigley Field. The pup then runs around the famous building creating havoc while also solving a big problem for their dad, the President. When read to little ones, they are not only entertained (I hope) by the antics of the dog, but they see and hear that there is a home of every First Family complete with a Rose Garden, Oval Office, State Dining Room with portrait of Abraham Lincoln and so much more. It is described as, “A charming story for children who will laugh at the dog and learn about the White House.” I was delighted when a friend sent me this picture of her little boy reading the story.


If you have a dog, I’m sure you have your own routine for exercise and food. But here are a few ideas for special treats (recommended by a veterinarian). You probably know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, along with alcohol, avocado, caffeine, the sweetener xylitol, cherries, garlic, grapes, raisins, onions, and yeast. On the other hand, many human foods are great to add to their diet, including: cooked meat and chicken (no chicken bones though!!), bananas, green beans, and others you can check online

A treat for your dog 

As for treats, our dogs love frozen chunks of pineapple and a special concoction called “Pupsicles.” In a bowl, mix a container of regular (not non-fat) plain yogurt, ripe banana and a few tablespoons of peanut butter. Drop small spoons full into little dixie cups, top with a tiny wishbone, and put them in the freezer. Your dogs will wag their tails in delight — trust me on this one.

Do you have a dog? Or have you ever read a book where a dog is a featured character? Then, if you are an author, have you written a book and included a dog? Tell us about your pups and recommend a book if you wish. Thanks for visiting us here on Rogue Women Writers.

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  1. Lisa Black

    OMG you dog people! Just kidding—I’ve had dogs, loved them to pieces, but technically I’m a cat person. That said, my favorite character in Dean Koontz’s Tick Tock was the dog! His unique perspective was both humorous and heartwarming.

  2. Gayle Lynds

    I miss our doggos, and get lots of vicarious pleasure from reading your blog, Karna. That popsicle treat sounds incredible. I wish I’d thought of it! You’ve got to be the most popular Dog Mommy ever! Also loved the list of “don’t feed foods” and “great foods.” lots of people seem to me to be pretty ignorant about both lists. And finally, I love Alex’s series, and of course I’m mad about Wrigley … the best pup in the White House ever! Thanks for another terrific blog!

  3. Jenny Milchman

    Dean Koontz! Peter Abraham’s! I loooove dog characters. Your puppy is adorable, Karna.

  4. Chris Goff

    I’m making the popsicle treats today! Great idea! Love the book suggestions, too. I love dogs. There are a lot of great books that feature “man’s best friend.” Margaret Mizushimu’s K-9 series comes to mind. Then there are scarier books like Cujo, by Stephen King. Old Yellar, which I still hate. And, like the other Rogues, Dean Koontz’s Tick Tock tops the list.

    Congrats on Wrigley in the White House. Great children’s book! I’ve got my copy enroute.

  5. Alex Kava

    Thanks, Karna, for the shout-out! Grace has really stolen the top spot in my Creed series. Can’t wait to read Wrigley at the White House. Congrats!