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On Tour With Dead Writers

By Z.J. Czupor

On Tour with Dead Writers is Z.J. Czupor‘s new installment on Rogue Women Writers. Guess the correct dead writer and be entered to win a free book.

Which dead writer wrote a best-selling mystery novel which late inspired the character Batman?

On Tour with Dead Writers

Bob Kane (1915-1998), the creator of comic-book and film character “Batman” credits his watching this 1930 film, “The Bat Whispers,” as the inspiration for “Batman.” But this film was the second of three film adaptations made from a successful Broadway and London play called “The Bat” (first produced in 1920). The play’s origins can be traced to a best-selling mystery novel first published in 1908, but with a different title. The story follows a spinster who rents a summer house and thwarts a series of strange crimes. This famous author’s first novel was inspired after she visited Melrose Castle in Northern Virginia. Her novel pioneered the “had I but known” school of mystery writing.

Melrose Castle this dead writer's inspiration for her first novel.

On Tour with Dead Writers
Melrose Castle

Who was this famous author?

The winner will be randomly chosen from those who respond to mysteryminutecontest@gmail.com with the correct answer by 12:00 p.m., ET, June 23. The prize? A book by one of our Rogue authors! This month it will be Before Evil by Alex Kava.

Good luck!

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ZJ Czupor is the author of the On Tour with Dead Writers series which provides you with clues each month to one dead writer.

Z.J. Czupor is president of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and past Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Mystery Writers of America (RMMWA). In addition to writing monthly columns for Rogue Women Writers and RMMWA, he is the author of THE BIG WEIRD: Haikus in Times of Pandemic and Chaos

Joyce of Nevada had the right answer and was the lucky winner of Alex’s book! Did you guess the correct dead writer?

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  1. Karna Small Bodman

    I have no clue – but always love reading these Mystery Minutes. Thanks for telling us these stories – they are always fascinating!

    • Jenny Milchman

      Oooh no idea, but I love the castle pic, and did not know a play kicked things off things bat love the MM’s.

      • ZJ

        Hi Jenny,

        Thanks! One aspect of these stories I always find fascinating is how one novel can begat a play or movie, or several iterations thereafter.

    • ZJ

      Thanks Karna,
      I always learn something new with these stories and the lives of these amazing authors.

  2. Lisa Black

    What is our fascination with bats?

  3. Celeste Berteau

    One of my faves! The film and the book.

  4. Alicia Haney

    The author is Mary Roberts Rinehart , thank you for the chance.