ROGUE FLASH: MWA’s “How To Write a Mystery” on sale today!

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Gayle Lynds, Rogue Flash, On writing | 4 comments

by Gayle Lynds

MWA'S Writing Handbook

In its 75-year history, Mystery Writers of America published just three handbooks, most recently under the great Sue Grafton. Each was a guide to outstanding storytelling (and sales) for beginners and master writers alike, across the mystery and suspense world.

And now noted best-sellers Lee Child and Laurie R. King have corralled 70 top authors to contribute essays and tips on the art and craft of writing and publishing in this brand-new, hands-on How to Write a Mystery.

I’m thrilled to have been “corralled,” too. My essay is “Researching the Spy Thriller… or, Can’t I just make it all up?” If you’re wondering, the answer is NO … er, maybe. It all depends. Insider secrets revealed!

Dear Rogue Readers … What kinds of mysteries and thrillers do you particularly enjoy? We’d love to know!

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  1. Rogue Women Writers

    What a great “how-to” book for Mystery Writers to check out. And, of course, our own “Queen of spy novels,” Gayle Lynds, would be asked to contribute. Thanks for letting us know it’s available now! As for what types of mysteries or thrillers I enjoy – I’d say the ones where there are clever twists at the end….Karna Small Bodman

    • Gayle Lynds

      I agree with you, Karna. Love thrillers that have a really wonderful, surprising twist at the end. Oh, the buildup, then the surprise, and then one realizes the surprise makes total sense. But then that’s what your political thrillers do!

  2. Holly Robinson

    Just saw this post, and it came at the right time! I’m writing my first suspense novel (after publishing six books in a different genre), and, boy, this is NOT easy. I really love domestic suspense novels like Under the Harrow. Going off to get this craft book now. Thank you!

    • Gayle Lynds

      What a wonderful publishing record you have, Holly. So glad you’re crossing over to join us in the suspense field! Hope you enjoy the handbook a lot, and it gives you what you need.