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By Z.J. Czupor

On Tour with Dead Writers is Z.J. Czupor‘s new installment on Rogue Women Writers. Guess the correct dead writer and be entered to win a free book.

This month's dead writer worked at this hotel.
This is a postcard rendition of the 31-story Shelton Hotel, once heralded as the tallest skyscraper in the world, which opened in 1923. Marriott purchased the hotel in the 1990s and now operates as the New York Marriott East Side at 525 Lexington Avenue. This month’s famous author once worked here as a switchboard operator.

After this famous author graduated from high school, she worked as a secretary, as a copy editor, and spent one year as a stewardess for Pan-American Airlines. She married her husband and took writing classes at New York University. When her husband later died from a heart attack, her mother-in-law, upon learning her son was dead, collapsed at his bedside. In one night, this author lost both her husband and her mother-in-law.

Her husband’s death left this author alone with five children. She found work as a radio scriptwriter but earnings were still meager. For the first Christmas without her husband, this author couldn’t afford gifts so she wrote personalized poems for her children describing what she would have bought for them had she enough money. But she continued writing during hard times. Her determination resulted in 51 published suspense novels – every one of them a bestseller. Who was this famous author?

Congrats to Elizabeth in California who guessed the right answer to the hint in February’s newsletter and won a copy of Hotwire by Alex Kava!

Z.J. Czupor’s new murder mystery, When The Fog Rises, is published at zjames.substack.com. He’s also the author of the thriller Cut Right Through Me (also at Substack) and a book of poetry THE BIG WEIRD: Haikus in Times of Pandemic and Chaos. Z.J. is immediate past president of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and is an active member of Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. He is represented by Terrie Wolf, founder and owner of AKA Literary Management.

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  1. Karna Small Bodman

    Well, as usual I have no clue – but I’m always intrigued with these mystery authors….I particularly liked her writing Christmas poems to her children when she couldn’t afford gifts. I’ll bet they kept those poems throughout their lives – way longer than they would have cherished the gifts. Thanks for a great post.