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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in October

Big dogs, little dogs, good dogs, bad dogs: Karna Small Bodman began October with Man and Woman’s Best Friend in both novels and real life.

Daniella Bernett then stopped by to delve into an unforgettable mystery. Betrayed, murder…and jewels—you won’t want to miss Daniella Bernett Goes Rogue.

Rogue Roundup — Daniella Bernett Goes Rogue

Z.J. Czupor‘s On Tour With Dead Writers returned on the second Tuesday of the month. Can you guess who wrote six novels, two memoirs and more than 200 short stories over the course of her short life and writing career?

Do you need a hero? Isabella Maldonado certainly did. She wanted a lead character who was an action hero—but her hero had to be a woman. And she had to be believable. She takes us down her research hole, introducing us to the real life heroes behind her new protagonist.

Rogue Roundup — A Real Life Hero

Speaking of protagonist inspiration, international author PJ Caldas stopped by next to introduce us to his Warrior Muses: The Inspiring Female Martial Artists Who Refuse to Conform. Discover the badass martial artists behind his character, Yinyin.

What real life tragedy sits behind Paul Vidich’s Beirut Station? The tale of spycraft, kidnapping, and revenge behind his a novel with deep historical roots only on Paul Vidich Goes Rogue.

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