Bidding a Fond Farewell to S. Lee Manning

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Rogue Flash | 4 comments

S. Lee Manning is leaving Rogue Women Writers. You can follow her on her Facebook Page or on her website where she will continue to discuss writing thrillers and comedy – and where she will announce appearances and books.

Look for her at Bouchercon this year. Also look for her at open mics – never know where she’ll turn up – possibly in New York or L.A. as well as Vermont. And if you’re in Vermont for any reason, shoot her a message. She’s always happy to meet up at Ben & Jerry’s.

We Rogues are excited about S. Lee’s gigs as a stand-up comedienne and for all of her publishing plans. We can’t wait to see her back here as an honored Guest Blogger.

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  1. Anonymous

    Leave the gun; take the cannoli. Ave atque vale!

  2. Lisa Black

    Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked is the best! Hope we can meet up for some soon. And have fun at Bouchercon!!

  3. kk

    I will miss your great blog posts here on RRW but glad to know I can find them other places. See you in Dallas at Bouchercon. Write on!!

  4. Rogue Women Writers

    Wish I could see one of your stand-up comedy routines! At least I'm sure I'l see you at Bouchercon. All the best to you, Sandy!….Karna Bodman