Rogue Women June Roundup!

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Rogue Roundup

Use the links below to binge read our June blogs

Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in June….

Many of you loved Robin Burcell‘s “Top 5 Most Stupid Commercials” blog. Now she reverses direction in her funny and thoughtful “Top 5 Favorite Commercials.” Yes, she does like some, and you do, too!

Rogue Gayle Lynds’s investigates her “Weird & Wonderful Dad – an Artist” … and asks the question did she grow up to imitate him, or is it all genetics, and she’s genuinely like him?  

The Real Book Spy’s June ROGUE RECOMMENDATION was a big surprise for Rogue Robin Burcell he chose her latest collaboration with iconic Clive Cussler The Oracle. Why? Read here

Looking for a few great summer reads? Karna Small Bodman recommends a number of new thrillers by “co-authors” – including several Rogues. Check out the list here 

Ever wonder what writing teachers mean when they talk about “voice?” Looking for a writing tip? Jamie Freveletti talks about this and gives some tips for writers.

S. Lee Manning offers some history and laughs around the observance of Father’s Day. If you don’t know how the holiday got started – or you don’t know what to do to celebrate it, check it out here.

A scam that cost her locality millions of dollars–Lisa Black introduced us to a set of the most unlikely fraudsters to come along. 

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