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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in November…

We began November with a rogue Rogue: Chris Goff. After seeing Antarctica in 2019, Chris and her husband scheduled two trips in the following years, one of which was to the Arctic. Each were postponed. After being pent up for two years, Chris was finally able to go rogue this summer, taking off to one of our planet’s frozen deserts to rekindle her love of adventure and travel.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, Rogue Roundup

The second Tuesday of November, Z.J. Czupor gave us what we want—which is a story. November’s Mystery Minute spotlit a premier suspense writer of her era and the first author to win an Edgar for “Best Mystery Novel.”

Next, Rogue Gayle Lynds raised this question: How do you beat the unbeatable criminal? Before 9/11, the world’s most notorious terrorist was Abu Nidal, a Cold War assassin so powerful and elusive that governments paid him to stay away. Read all about him and his ultimate downfall in Gayle’s blog.

We then took a moment to discuss the craft of writing with Rogue Tracy Clark. While writing her first novel in a new series, Tracy came face to face with an obstinate protagonist who was both elusive and silent. Learn how she wrote a main character who did not want their story told in Breaking In a New Pair of Shoes.

Closing the book on craft, we take a moment to look at the cover. What goes into creating a cover? Rogue Karna Small Bodman, thankfully, is here with answers. She walks us through the complexities of cover creation in her blog, Judge a Book by its Cover?, where she reveals one of her own cover debacles.

November concluded with special guest Danielle Girard. Danielle Girard Goes Rogue to discuss the importance of writers finding their writing community for help and support.

Danielle Girard, Rogue Roundup

Thank you for joining us for our November Rogue Roundup! We hope you have a lovely holiday season and join us in December for another month of Rogue Women Writing.

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