A real-life Boardwalk Empire

Nucky Johnson, in hat, next to Al Capone (3rd from right)            In the fall of 2010 my husband and I began watching the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. My husband never passes up a show about gangsters, and I love a good period piece based...

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The worst campaigns in U.S. history

by Lisa Black            A lifetime ago, and only because I liked big buildings with lots of marble, I majored in political science. It is one of many indications of my non-suitability for this field that I have never worked on a campaign. Not even to help a bestie...

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A Bad Deal All Around

By Lisa BlackFort Myers Federal Courthouse            Six weeks ago, a 68 year old mother of one was sentenced to ten years in prison, one year for each of ten counts of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. Her name is Kay Gow, an intelligent woman...

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Of Subways and Unicorns

            Last month I traveled to Manhattan for the Edgar Symposium and awards, and once again got to experience the vibrancy and variety that is New York City. The weather couldn’t have cooperated more fully, the seventy-degree sunniness...

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Mass Disaster

by Lisa BlackIn the event of a mass disaster such as Hurricane Michael or the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Florida Emergency MortuaryOperations Response (FEMORS) is mobilized. The purpose of the all-volunteer group of professionals from pathologists to odontologists to forensics and IT is to...

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