by Chris GoffWhy I was destined to write DARK WATERS. Like many of us, I am a child of the Cold War. My grade school had a bomb shelter and conducted regular "nuclear fallout drills," where we filed into the halls, crouched down on our knees, and covered our heads. Not that it would have done much...

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White House Thrillers

Madam Secretary, White House Down, House of Cards, West Wing-- TV shows, movies and novels about the White House have all been popular.  Are you fascinated with political intrigue, motives involving power, influence, money as well as world dominance and terror? These...

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By KJ HoweThere are 25 elite professionals across the globe who travel undercover to the deadliest hotspots in the world to bring hostages home safely by any means necessary. These remarkable individuals, called response consultants, leave their homes for weeks or even months at a time to insert...

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