ROGUE FLASH: January Giveaway Winners!

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Giveaways | 3 comments

In January, all four Rogue Reads authors gave away books. The four lucky winners all registered for the Rogue Reads held on January 17… drum roll! The winners are:

Beth Garland of Sierra Vista, Arizona won a copy of Jacqueline Mitchard‘s The Good Son. This is what the happy winner had to say about her prize. “I love Jacquelyn Mitchard. She writes gorgeous prose about the human condition and associated feelings like she’s lived every situation in which her characters find themselves from the shattered parents in the first Oprah Book Club selection, THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN to the kids in her first young adult book, WHAT WE LOST IN THE DARK. I’m thrilled to win her latest novel, THE GOOD SON, and dive into another Mitchard-imaged world.”

Judy from Algonquin, Illinois won Dirk Cussler‘s THE DEVIL’S SEA. She said “This is a nice surprise!” Also – “I have quite a few of your books on my shelves. Hope to see you and the rest of the Rogue crew at Bouchercon in September.”

Jennifer Short of Knoxville, Tennessee will receive Alafair Burke’s FIND ME. She wrote to say: “This was the best email to wake up to – thank you so much! I’m just discovering Alafair’s books and see such rave reviews of her novels everywhere that I am so very grateful and excited to have been a lucky recipient of her newest novel! Thank you to such a great group as Rogue Reads to promote women authors and for holding great giveaways to introduce new readers to fabulous authors. You have definitely made my day start off on the right foot and I’m so looking forward to stepping into Alafair Burke’s world with FIND ME.”

Carol from Nebraska won S.J. Rozan‘s FAMILY BUSINESS and told us this: “I have read all of SJ Rozen’s Bill and Lydia books—most of them more than once– and love them. I can’t wait to read this newest book! I think she’s a brilliant author and loved seeing her as one of the guests of the January Rogue Reads. I look forward every month to the Rogue Reads event. I love hearing from the authors about their newest books and enjoy their stories of what inspired the story. I enjoy hearing about how they work and their views of the genre. I make it a point each month to watch this event and always look forward to hearing from the authors!”

Join us for February’s Rogue Reads event to win a copy of Greg Hurwitz‘s book DARK HORSE and hear from him and the rest of our all-star lineup: John Lescroat, Kellye Garrett and Rhys Bowen!

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  1. Karna Small Bodman

    Rogue Reads is such a good interview program – hope everyone signs up for the next one!!

  2. Chris Goff

    Congrats to the lucky winners. Be sure and sign up for the next Rogue Reads, March 14!

  3. Tracy Clark

    Congratulations to all the giveaway winners!!!