What to anticipate, predict and hope for in 2019

by | Jan 6, 2019 | Karna Small Bodman | 6 comments

….by Karna Small Bodman

My Rogue Women Writer colleagues have written several fascinating posts recently about international kidnappings and revolutions that occurred some years ago — heady stuff, and I always learn so much reading their extensive research and seeing how much of it is or could be translated into terrific thrillers.  Now that we are beginning a New Year, I thought I would switch gears  and look ahead to see what’s in store for all of us – new books, new movies, new ideas. What are we anxiously waiting for and what might we hope to see or achieve?  To get some answers, I polled family members (of varying ages) around the dinner table last night and received a long list — with heavy emphasis on books-to-movies, “next in the series” projects and especially remakes of much loved classics.  We also made a few predictions.

First is a new project involving a great Rogue friend, Lee Child — international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series of books.  If you haven’t yet become addicted to these stories, you might start at the beginning — with this recently released set of the first three.

Two of Lee’s thrillers have been made into block-buster films starring Tom Cruise.   Now, there’s word that Jack Reacher may be headed to the television screen in a deal with Amazon–complete with a new star. According to Child, “It would be toplined by a new actor more befitting the imposing, burly character” he created. Still in “nascent stages” we all are anticipating a great launch.

Second in line will be the new Avengers film the younger set is waiting for.  Everyone is speculating on what happens next. I found one theory which is circulating online.  Here’s a quote from heroichollywood.com: “In this new theory, a Reddit user proposed that Vision survived his encounter with the Mad Titan. Vision apparently greyed out before Thanos had the chance to tear the Mind Stone out, thus enabling him to transfer his conciseness into the Mind Stone. This, in turn, allowed him to affect what happened to the people when Thanos dusted half the universe and may have transferred them elsewhere.”

I confess to not having a clue what any of that means since I didn’t see the first one (and only include it here for those die-hard fans).

Another highly anticipated release is one I DO understand and will want to see, along with a lot of other folks with fond memories of the original, which came out way back in 1941! It is the upcoming

fantasy adventure film directed by Tim Burton with a screenplay written by Ehren Kruger…inspired by Walt Disney’s animated film of the same name — DUMBO — to be released March 29, 2019 –starring Colin Farrell as a one-armed war vet and former circus star who is hired to care for the newborn elephant, Michael Keaton plays a ruthless entrepreneur who acquires a circus to exploit an  elephant,  and Danny DeVito is cast in the role of ringmaster.

Getting back to books, remember the wonderful series by P.G. Wodehouse featuring Jeeves and Wooster?  Now bestselling author Ben Schott brings this “odd couple” back to life  in Jeeves and the King of Clubs where literature’s favorite gentleman and his gentleman’s personal gentleman become spies in service to the crown.  Many will also recall that  the original Wodehouse stories were made into a fabulous series of programs shown on PBS. As described by the publisher — In this escapade, Jeeves’s association of butlers and valets is revealed to be an arm of the British Intelligence service and Jeeves musts ferret out a Fascist spy. Sounds like a terrific new read.

 One more highly anticipated book is by our own Rogue, Robin Burcell, writing with Clive Cussler.  The new one is titled The Oracle and is next in the series featuring husband and wife team, Sam and Remi Fargo, as they return for another great adventure. This time it’s the hunt for ancient treasure that may or may not be cursed. It is available for pre-order here — I predict you will  truly enjoy this new thriller in the New Year!

Now for family predictions in 2019:  The Cubs will not win the World Series; flair pants and patent leather jackets will be all the rage; electric trucks will be everywhere; drones will deliver a burrito to your doorstep (well, they’re already testing that in Australia — and the neighbors are grumbling about the constant buzzing sounds); we will stay home and watch games, movies and other events in virtual realty created by 360 degree cameras, observed while wearing goggles — VR headsets;  cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and many others will go back up in value and be accepted by more businesses besides Overstock.com (they are already being offered as dowries in some African countries); and one big wish (from the older set) is that some clever audio engineer will finally invent a sound-suppressing gizmo we can put in the center of a noisy  restaurant table that will create a “private zone” to block out the decibel level that seems to be the hallmark of popular eateries.                                                      
Finally, since most everyone is cancelling their land lines and relying solely on iPhones — they do complain about the hassle of having to hold it to an ear by crimping a shoulder and ending up with a stiff neck in the process.  So here is a 2019 gadget that allows you to remain connected to the past — while at the same time — utilizing the future. And the cost is less than ten bucks!
So for all of our Rogue members and followers, what are YOUR ideas, hopes or predictions for 2019.  Please share them with us in a comment here, or on our Facebook page — just click on the icon at the top left of this page.  Thanks so much for visiting us here on Rogue Women Writers and a very Happy 2019 to all!
                   . . . Submitted by Karna Small Bodman
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  1. Jamie Freveletti

    Oh, Karna, that photo of the iphone with the old handset attached is great! What a mashup of old and new. And I look forward to Robin and Clive's next book The Oracle!

  2. Lisa Black

    Please no flair pants, but yes yes yes on creating a 'cone of silence' for noisy restaurants. What is the deal with that? You can go to a beautiful restaurant with great food and the interior still sounds like a high school cafeteria. Some sound-absorbing panels, anyone? (I'm looking at you, PF Changs!)

  3. Robin Burcell

    OMG. Love the handset to iPhone! I need one! (Cancelled my long distance which sort of pays for the monthly cost of iphone (er, times 5 in our house). So there are times when I don't want speaker phone, but would love the ability to hold it via shoulder-to-ear! (Hated when they switched out regular handsets to the "princess" style, which made it almost as useless as a cell phone in this position.) And like you, no clue on Avengers. Love the prediction of the cone of silence! (And, of course, thanks for the shout out on The Oracle!

  4. Gayle Lynds

    I love the yeses and noes of your predictions, Karna. OMG, flair pants. I wish I still had mine from the 70s. In a fit of housewifelyness back then when I was truly and only a housewife, I embroidered a lot of flowers on the bottom of one leg of bell bottoms I bought for my first husband. He wore them to every party we went to, and was always complimented by those who'd never seen them. That was the height of social approval for me! And then I wrote books. Life hasn't been the same. I had some really cool bellbottoms. 🙂

  5. Chris Goff

    LOL on the phone idea. Like Robin, I love the "Cone of Silence." Thanks for sharing your predictions. Time will tell.

  6. August S.C.T.

    Jeeves as a spyhunter? Drone burritos?! What a brave new world. 🙂 Thanks for a great post, Karna!