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What an exciting month April was! The Rogues and the great Real Book Spy joined forces — and readers are going to win! New intel about books into movies, how settings help iconic thrillers become, well, iconic, and what’s a Rogue to do when she really truly almost-desperately wants a puppy? These and other grand escapades await when you click on the following highlights from April’s blogs and news….

Big announcement! We’re in cahoots with THE REAL BOOK SPY! Every month in a Rogue blog, he’ll reveal a brand-new thriller that’s got a particularly riveting Rogue element — and readers who share the clues leading up to it can win a copy. Can you guess what the first book will be?

More big news! We’re celebrating our THIRD BIRTHDAY in May with a giveaway of a lot of great books & loot!


Rogue Jamie Freveletti dives into reading classic novels like Three Days of the Condor, Charade, and Pride and Prejudice and watching the movies made from them in What a Good Story Teaches Us.

Rogue Robin Burcell has puppy fever and needs serious help to decide whether to get one. She even made a top ten list of why she definitely, positively should not get a pup. Truth in advertising: the list sort of devolves. Will she or won’t she?

Speaking of lists… Most of us make them: to-do lists, grocery lists, bucket lists. Rogue Chris Goff shares her five thing she swore she’d never do. Since then she’s thought of a few more things. She may need a do-over.  Note from editor: “do-over” is a terrible pun.  But funny.

Rogue S. Lee Manning offers a primer on Passover for non-Jews, to be taken with a grain of salt and a generous slathering of horseradish.

Rogue Lisa Black revisits her favorite locale, Key West, and writes a riveting ode to its charms.  All of us want to go now!

And speaking of locales, KJ Howe shows us how terrific settings can crank up your thriller beyond a 10 — to a high-flying 11.

Netflix is on an “acquisition binge!” Rogue Karna Small Bodman reports on it and the many books being adapted for film now.   What a great opportunity for authors. Check out what’s coming: here

Wishing all of you a fine May … from all of us at Rogue Writers!

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