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Janet Evanovich truly is an American treasure.

One of the most recognizable and best-selling authors alive today, Evanovich just released Fortune and Glory, the twenty-seventh book in her Stephanie Plum series. Billed as not only “the biggest case in Plum’s career,” but also, “the adventure of a lifetime,” Stephanie’s return couldn’t have come a moment too soon.

In a year where most are struggling, it’s crazy to think that fictional characters can cast such a sunny outlook in an otherwise bleak forecast, but they do. And for Evanovich’s legion of followers, this one will really help brighten their day.

Grandma Mazur just got married, and less than twenty-four hours later she’s already a widow. Having lost her new husband unexpectedly on their wedding night, Mazur ropes in Stephanie when she claims to have been left the keys to a “life-changing” fortune. But there’s a catch . . .

They have to find it.

As Stephanie and Grandma Mazur go on the hunt, it doesn’t take long for them (or readers) to find out that they aren’t the only one after the treasure. So too are at least two major enemies, and Gabriela Rose, a new foe who will test Plum in ways few have dared to try before her. 

A total scene-stealer, Rose brings terrific balance to the cast. In many ways, she’s almost like that person you love to hate because they’re almost so perfect that it’s borderline nauseating. (Be honest, we all know someone like that.) She’s great at everything, plus she’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s also incredibly smart, insanely driven, fierce, and for the first time, Stephanie realizes that she just might have found someone who can match her step for step. 

The mix of longtime adversaries and new ones creates an electric dynamic, and while readers might think they know how this one will play out, Evanovich proves she still has a few tricks of her sleeves.

To find out more, check out Night of a Thousand Authors, an event like no other before it, hosted by me and one of the Rogues. K.J Howe served as my partner in crime for this eight-hour livestream, and together (with some help from the guys at The Crew Reviews) we interviewed more than 50 authors. The night kicked off with Janet Evanovich, who dished on her new book, among other things, setting the tone for a fun, eventful night that I’ll never forget. 

We love The Real Book Spy and Night of a Thousand Authors! Readers, which Janet Evanovich book is your favorite? 

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  1. Rogue Women Writers

    You are so right! Janet Evanovich is a wonderful author. She is also a friend and neighbor I've known and and admired for years. It's hard to name just one of her books as a favorite – I love them all. Thanks for featuring her here – which will encourage new readers to check out her clever and hilarious stories.

  2. Jenny Milchman

    Your finds are priceless!

  3. Chris Goff

    Janet Evanovich is an inspirations. 27 books in the Stephanie Plum series! Can't wait to read it. I have to say, I really love her series with Lee Goldberg, too. Spies are a favorite of mine, and they did it well. Funny, yet exciting. You can't miss with a Janet Evanovich novel.