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Joe Pickett is back!

If you follow me on The Real Book Spy, or have ever browsed my Twitter feed, then you likely already know how excited I am about the release of Dark Sky — my Rogue pick for March.

I’ve never kept it a secret how much I love CJ Box’s work, or that he’s my favorite living author (right up there with the late Vince Flynn). For me, getting the latest Joe Pickett book often feels similar to seeing a longtime friend or family member who’s only back in town for a few days.

It’s a short visit, but full of fun and special memories. And let’s be honest, only a few franchises in print today have that kind of draw, with Box’s series leading the pack.

Here, in the 21st Joe Pickett adventure, Box strips his hero down to the studs, putting him up against the biggest threat he’s ever faced. It all starts when a tech billionaire books a high-profile elk hunting trip in Wyoming, drawing the attention of the state’s governor. Hoping to secure a business transaction that could provide a needed boost to the local economy, the governor tasks game warden Joe Pickett with making sure the hunt goes smoothly—which, of course, it does not. Soon, a pack of killers descend upon the frigid, snow-capped mountains, and it’s up to Joe to keep both himself and his guest alive, and get them off the mountain before it’s too late.

Without giving anything away, Dark Sky is, for my money, one of Box’s best books to date, and an absolute must for anyone who claims to be a fan of the genre. Putting Joe up on a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm, with no weapons or any way to call in backup, while a team of killers attempts to hunt him down, creates an unputdownable reading experience unlike anything else hitting stores this month.

Whether you’re new to the series or a superfan like me, Dark Sky is the perfect book to spend time with this spring, and because it stands on its own (within the overall series) newcomers can jump in here without missing a beat.

Happy reading!

Thank you to The Real Book Spy! We’re excited to hear author CJ Box speak more about Dark Sky at our Rogue Reads live event on Monday, March 22nd at 7PM EST! Learn more about the event by clicking here.

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  1. Karna Bodman

    I remember meeting C.J. Box at “Thrillerfest” – the annual meeting of our International Thriller Writers organization — he was one of the most “colorful” figures and speakers we have had at the conference. Now, I can’t wait to read DARK SKY. Thanks for this great review.

  2. Gayle Lynds

    I’ve loved his books forever! So great that he’ll be joining us Monday night. Everyone is in for a treat with such a great panel!

  3. Lisa Black

    I’ve always loved his books and just started watching “Big Sky”—can’t wait to interview him on Monday night at Rogue Reads!