What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in March... March may be the start of spring, but it began in a frozen wonderland. Our extraordinary guest author ERICA FERENCIK went rogue, leading us on an adventure beneath the auroras and into the permafrost of Arctic Greenland, where she...

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ROGUE FLASH: Congratulations Tracy!

We're excited to congratulate our own Tracy Clark on some phenomenal accomplishments. Firstly, Tracy Clark's novel RUNNER has just been nominated for Best Mystery at Left Coast Crime, Albuquerque! Additionally, we're thrilled to announce that Tracy has been awarded the G.P. Putnam's Sons Sue...

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By Tracy Clark It’s the new year! It’s that time of year when most of us leap into the new and shiny and kick off the old and spent. If I were the kind of person who made resolutions, I’d likely have busted them by now, but I’m not, and I didn’t, so I’m good. Or I thought I was. Then Reese...

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By Tracy Clark Recently, I was kicking back in my Dorothy Gale ruby slipper socks, and it hit me like an apple lobbed by a talking tree in a haunted forest how the story of “The Wizard of Oz” kinda of correlates to the writers’ journey, a journey fraught with setbacks and obstacles—like, for...

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ROGUE FLASH – Farewell and Welcome

Farewell, Carla! We have been fortunate to have such talented, prolific, bestselling authors as members of Rogue Women Writers over the years.  Of course, with success come responsibility, deadlines, book tours, and other events. So, from time to time, a member may have to step back from the...

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