by | Jun 4, 2020 | Rogue Roundup

Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in May…

Do you ever daydream about fantasy houses that you’d love to live in? Rogue Lisa Black shares her top three.

This whole thing got started four years ago. The Rogues think back. What were they reading, researching and writing?

Scott Turow shares the insider scoop on the process of writing his fantastic legal thrillers.

Piper Reynard steps off the pages of THE WIFE STALKER, just released, to share some health and wellness advice.

Rogue Gayle Lynds is The Real Book Spy’s May Rogue Recommendation for her book THE ASSASSINS. Imagine this: you’re finally coming home, only to find someone who looks just like you, living your life, in your flat. Then imagine the imposter dead.

Who among us has lived through a pandemic? Okay, so technically HIV/Aids (2005-20012), “HongKong Flu” (1968) and “Asian Flu” (1956-58) all qualify. But how many have us has ever been quarantined? Chris has some ideas on how to survive. Check out Pandemic 101.

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