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Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in March…

Have you ever wondered what lengths writer’s go for research? Rogue guest blogger, J.D. Allen, shares some interesting things she learned on a ride along with a local Sheriff’s Deputy

Rogue Liv Constantine shares six practices for a longer and happier life. Some of them may surprise you.

Do you keep books, magazine, or newspapers in your bathroom? Rogue Chris Goff shares interesting things you can learn from bathroom reading.

What are your favorite childhood sugar cereals? Rogue Gayle Lynds reveals hers and talks about how writers use breakfast choices for characterization.

Everyone has a favorite “go to”—a book you reread, a movie you watch over and over. We decided to reprise one of the Rogue Readers’ favorite posts, Robin Burcell’s “The Top Five Most Stupid TV Commercials.”

Rogue KJ Howe shares why marketing is important to writers and publishers, and the latest data is proving the old adage “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” is false. Readers decide what to read based on the title and the cover.

March’s Rogue Recommendation is Don Bentley, and his post was a big reveal about his background and what makes his books feel so real. Suffice it to say, “Thank you for your service, Don.”

Jamie Freveletti wrote about the science of procrastination and how our negative thoughts about our ability to create may be holding us back.

You’ve heard the old adage “throw in the towel.” Karna Small Bodman explores some of the obstacle’s faced by some of the world’s most famous people and found that it doesn’t pay to be a quitter.

Dean Koontz paid the Rogues a visit at the end of the month and told us about his latest novel. The subject soon turned to dogs, his love of Golden Retrievers and why dogs are so important.

Not everyone marches to the same drum. Tempos change. Rogue Lisa Black compares music to the act of writing and discovers some surprising parallels.

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