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Here’s what the Rogues talked about, researched and revealed in February….

Were you ever read aloud to as a child? With World Read Aloud Day on February 5. Her dad’s reading aloud prompted Rogue Chris Goff’s love of books.

How does a writer retrieve something lost in the past? Summon a magic wand, visit the lost & found, or maybe hire a clairvoyant? Rogue Gayle Lynds reveals what’s missing from her past.

Have you heard about incredible, yet “underappreciated” women who made great contributions? New York Times bestselling author Marie Benedict is “In the Rogue Limelight” and writes about under acknowledged women served as inspiration for her new historical novel.

Who was Saint Valentine and where did the tradition of Valentine’s Day originate? Rogue K.J. Howe shares the mystery behind Valentine’s Day.

Meg Gardiner goes rogue in a fascinating interview by Lisa Black, answering 10 burning questions. Can you guess the answers?

Romantic thrillers or thrilling romances? Rogue Karna Small Bodman asks, do readers like romance in their thrillers or prefer the focus be on the threat, the villain and the action? Which do you choose?

January is that time of year when a lot of us take stock and create a resolution to change, then by February we’re struggling. Rogue Jamie Freveletti highlights the science behind changing habits in order to achieve success!

Meg Gardiner, February 2020’s Rogue Recommendation, shares where she finds her inspiration for her book. The answer may surprise you!

Why was this WWII spy the least likely person for the job? Rogue Lisa Black delves into the real-life tale of bravery.

Rogue guest blogger, Susan Elia MacNeal, the New York Times bestselling author of the Maggie Hope series talks about her newest book, THE KING’S JUSTICE. Mystery or thriller? In a good book, the lines can blur.

Rogue Gayle Lynds asks what’s stranger than fiction? How about when fiction seems to predict current events? Read all about it! Coronovirus, SARS predicted by Koontz, Ludlum, & Lynds?

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  1. Karna Bodman

    A great summary of books, ideas and questions for our readers to check out if they missed any of these blogs.

  2. Gayle Lynds

    What a terrific month. I enjoyed all of the blogs a lot! Thanks, everyone!