Rogue Women February Roundup!

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Rogue Roundup

Our monthly RWW Roundup is designed for those of you who like to binge-read your blogs!  Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in February….

Author and former Rogue Francine Matthews, writing as Stephanie Barron, kicked off February with a post about her new novel, THAT CHURCHILL WOMAN.  It sheds a different light on Winston Churchill’s fascinating and politically powerful American-born mother, Jennie Jerome.

Rogue author Karna Small Bodman tells the story of a brilliant woman known only for her beauty and not for her intellect and the inventions all of us use today. Can you figure out who she is? Find out here.

And in honor of February and all things red, Jamie Freveletti explores what the hues signal to us and what the iconic women who wore red lipstick must have known.

Lisa Black dives into the infamous Leopold and Loeb joy-killing of a stranger and how it’s influenced mystery and thriller fiction ever since.

Ex-cop Robin Burcell has serious pet peeves on police procedures dramatized in books, TV, and movies. Get the inside intel with her Top Ten.

When Chris Goff’s husband gets on board to help her research her international thrillers, she ends up with a library on spy craft, a cache of spy tools, and just enough knowledge to guarantee her a spot on some alphabet agencies’ watchlists.

For the benefit of herself and her characters, Gayle Lynds takes a trip into science to see what researchers have learned about swearing.  #$%@&

We Rogues are THRILLED to announce that our own Lisa Black is a finalist for the inaugural Sue Grafton Memorial Award!  Congratulations, Lisa! 

K.J. Howe explores seven dynamic courtroom trials in the U.S., questioning readers on which one befits the title “Trial of the Century.”

S. Lee. Manning describes her head-scratching (and entertaining) efforts to find an affordable flight to Paris in search of the perfect croissant. The result?  She’ll be enjoying mud season in Vermont. 

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