Rogue Women August Roundup!

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Use the links below to binge read our posts from August

Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in August….

Though some of us tried to help, Rogue Robin Burcell succumbed to puppy fever. You can read about her adventures with her cute little ball of fluff here.

Have you ever felt confused when coming face-to-face with today’s advancing technology? Rogue Chris Goff wouldn’t call herself a Luddite, but she tells us how it feels to be a dinosaur publishing in a digital world.

On August 5, two international bestselling authors joined the Rogues: Lynne Constantine and Val Constantine, who together write as Liv Constantine. Come discover what makes them such a great addition to our Rogue bunch.

The Constantines’ first blog gives us an in depth look at Shakespeare’s rogue women, the common traits that can be found in all of them, and how that resonates with rogue women in today’s fiction.

In a mouthwatering reveal, the Rogues tell all about what treats they like to have on hand when writing. From Good N’ Plenties to Sacher Torte, everyone has their favorite snack. How about you?

After stretching her brain to create and write, what does a writer do when she needs to clear her head? Rogue Gayle Lynds takes to “forest bathing,” or shinrun yoku, a Japanese convention that helps rejuvenate gray matter.

This month’s Rogue Recommendation from The Real Book Spy is CJ Box’s, The Bitterroots. Come read what CJ has to say about his highly anticipated latest in the Cassie Dewell series. 

Technology makes a lot of promises, but can they be kept? K.J. Howe breaks down the formulas developed to predict bestselling novels and comes up with a novel answer.

While some writers hit on great ideas for their novels and travel for research, Karna Small Bodman’s inspiration comes from her past day job—six years in The White House Situation Room and loads of travel to international hot spots.

Rogue Jamie Freveletti really, REALLY, enjoyed her summer! By scheduling time for lots of new things, she discovered new ways to approach writing and spark creativity and shares them with readers.


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