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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in August…

Rogue Jenny Milchman has been loving summer and it shows in her writing. She starts August off by teaching us how to let the season inspire our work-in-progress and inform our writing flow in her blog post “Summertime and the Writing’s Easy.”

Next, Z.J. Czupor dedicates August’s Mystery Minute to the “Queens of Crime.” Five authors published 143 mystery novels in 60 years—an era known as the “Golden Age” of British mystery fiction. Who were they and how did their work inform the genre? Find out in the latest Mystery Minute.

August Rogue Roundup Agatha Christie.

How do you age a series character? Rogue Alex Kava uses her own character, Maggie O’Dell, alongside other popular series characters to tackle this very question in her blog post “The Careful Aging of a Series Character.”

In the middle of the month, a very special package arrives on Rogue Tosca Lee‘s doorstep. The gift of a lifetime: her mother’s memoir. She used the opportunity to teach us how to write down the tales that make you you in her post “Mom’s Stories.”

Rogue Lisa Black then takes us into her living room, teaching us how she got her book trailer wedged between episodes of M.A.S.H. and MacGyver in “Mad (Wo)Man? Getting Your Book Trailer on TV.”

August ends with a Rogue Flash, announcing both August’s and June’s Rogue Reads giveaway winners. Did you miss August’s Rogue Reads? Don’t worry, you can click the photo below to catch the re-run on Youtube. Plan ahead for September by signing up here!

August Rogue Roundup 
The August Rogue Reads.

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