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Our very own Rogue, Tracy Clark, has received a spectacular Publishers Weekly review for her January 2023 release, Hide, and we just had to share. We’ve pasted the entire review below so you can share in our joy as well. Send your congratulations to Tracy in the comments!

Hide: From acclaimed author Tracy Clark comes a page-turning mystery featuring hard-boiled Chicago detective Harriet Foster, who’s on the hunt for a serial killer with a deadly affinity for redheads.

At the start of this gripping series launch from Sue Grafton Award winner Clark (the Cass Raines Chicago mysteries), Det. Harriet Foster of the Chicago PD gets a new partner, Det. Jim Lonergan, following the death by suicide of her partner of 11 years. Foster and Lonergan, who’s old-school in the worst way, are clashing before they set out to investigate the murder of a young woman with red lipstick encircling her wrists and ankles. The two are barely speaking to each other when a second victim with the same markings is discovered. Through a psychiatrist, Foster gets a lead on a suspect, Bodie Morgan, who was arrested twice for stalking attractive redheaded women and wound up spending 30 days in a psychiatric facility. Bodie’s twin sister, Amelia Davies, knows why her brother behaves as he does, but it’s a family secret she and Bodie are willing to kill to protect—as Foster and Lonergan discover to their peril.

Foster’s dogged approach to catching killers will resonate with Michael Connelly fans. May the wait for the second Harriet Foster police procedural be brief. 

Publishers Weekly

Hide has received a Publishers Weekly review
Hide is available January 01, 2023

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  1. Rogue Women Writers

    Congrats Tracy! Can’t wait to read this new thriller!….Karna Small Bodman

    • Jenny Milchman

      And then onto a “brief wait”! What every writer hopes to hear. Congrats, Tracy!

  2. Mary Monnin

    Congratulations Tracy! I love your books. Besides compelling characters, you have the perfect mix of action, dialogue and narrative. I can’t wait to read this new one.

  3. Priscilla Paton

    Congratulations, Tracy! Sounds riveting.