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by | Sep 30, 2020 | Jenny Milchman | 5 comments

by Liv Constantine

New Rogue and award winning author Jenny Milchman has been a storyteller all her life. Here is what she says:

“When I was five years old, my kindergarten teacher bound my first story in blue-flocked wallpaper, and I knew that I wanted to write books. Thank you, Ms. Berger. Even earlier than that, at around the age of two, I used to dictate bedtime stories to my mom, which she would write down. So you’ll probably understand that writing… is a dream come true for me.”

Jenny’s debut novel, COVER OF SNOW, was published by Ballantine/Penguin Random House in 2013, and earned starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, as well as praise from the New York Times

Her fifth novel, THE SECOND MOTHER, which Jodi Picoult described as “a gothic unraveling of a novel, as moody and atmospheric as the isolated island on which it’s set” was released in July of this year.

Jenny has served as Vice President of Author Programming for International Thriller Writers, and is a member of the Sisters in Crime speakers bureau. She is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on writing and publishing. Her talks and workshops include “Happily Ever After & What Happened After That,” “You, Lee & Me: Building an Author Brand,” and “Psychological Approaches to Crafting a Bad Guy: Villains from the Inside Out”.

She is also the founder of Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, which is celebrated by over 800 bookstores in all 50 states and on five continents. Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day Field Trips–whereby schools in at-risk regions receive funds to send classes to the nearest local bookstore–began in 2015. They are a true labor of Jenny’s heart, and with the help of talented book-lovers, authors, booksellers, and other advocates, she hopes ultimately to bring them nationwide.

One of the most energetic women we know and one who loves to connect with readers, Jenny lived for fifteen months on the road with her family on what Shelf Awareness called “the world’s longest book tour.” She is passionate about her craft, persevering through the long years she worked before selling her first novel. Jenny’s tenacity exemplifies the rogue spirit. Here in her own words:

“It took eleven years of dogged, sometimes exhilarating but oftentimes debilitating, work to sell my debut. If you are a writer out there, despairing of “it” ever happening, please take heart. If you have some talent, a love of the written word, and you don’t stop trying…it will happen.”

Here’s how you can connect with Jenny:






Welcome, Jenny! We are SO excited to have you on board. Readers, be sure to join us on October 12 for the next Rogue Reads as Jenny will be one of the featured guests! 
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  1. Gayle Lynds

    You got a terrific head start on most of us Jenny — Love your story about being a published (in fabulous wallpaper no less) writer at age 5. No wonder you rock!

  2. Rogue Women Writers

    We are SO glad to have Jenny as a new Rogue — welcome aboard! Looking back at your early story-telling, Jenny — making up stories at age 2? Incredible. No wonder you are now a bestselling author!! …. Karna Small Bodman

  3. Lisa Black

    Really looking forward to delving into more of your background at this month's Rogue Reads!

  4. Chris Goff

    Welcome, Jenny. I've known you a while, but learned something reading your bio. Looking forward to getting to know you better, and to reading more of your books. I'm trailing Lisa in the reading every book my fellow Rogues have written, but it's at the top of my To-Do list!

  5. Jenny Milchman

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and the chance to be a Rogue!!