ROGUE FLASH – October Rogue Reads giveaway winners announced!

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Rogue Flash, Giveaways

Registrants for our October Rogue Reads Halloween Party were entered in the drawing to win new books by TASHA ALEXANDER, GIGI PANDIAN, MARCIE RENDON, and ERIN E. ADAMS.

Jennifer in Illinois was super excited to win a copy of Secrets of the Nile by Tasha Alexander.

“Your email made my day! I have loved participating in Rogue Reads and was overjoyed to be the winner of Tasha Alexander’s new book, Secrets of the Nile! To me Tasha Alexander is the 21st century Agatha Christie, and I am obsessed with the Lady Emily series! I cannot wait to travel back in time to British colonial rule and across the globe and meet the Pharaohs of Egypt with Lady Emily to Egypt in Secrets of the Nile!” 

Steve, also from Illinois, said this about winning Under Lock and Skeleton Key:

“Terrific news! I remember seeing Gigi Pandrian on a panel at a previous convention (maybe Malice pre-pandemic?) and thinking that she’s an author to watch for!  Thank you.”

Our lucky winner of Sinister Graves, Anthony, hails from California!

And winner of Erin E. Adams’ Jackal, Tressa from Tennessee, just said: “Fantastic!”

Be sure to join us next month for November’s event on the 14th, 7 pm EST, to talk books with JESS LOUREY, ROBIN COOK, FRANCINE MATHEWS AND VASEEM KHAN.

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