ROGUE FLASH: Karna Small Bodman Wins Silver Medal

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Karna Small Bodman, Rogue Flash | 9 comments

TRUST BUT VERIFY was awarded the honor Saturday, September 19th at the 2020 Annual Awards Banquet of the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA), the culminating event of the 2020 MWSA Virtual Conference. MWSA is a nationwide association of authors, poets and artists whose work honors the military and country through their work.

Karna Small Bodman is the author of five award-winning international thrillers that have hit #1 in Amazon Thrillers. She spent six years serving in The White House, first as Deputy Press Secretary, later as Senior Director and Spokesman for the National Security Council where she was the highest-ranking woman on the White House staff. She also was on the air for 15 years as a TV reporter and anchor in San Francisco and Washington, DC and did political commentary for the ABC Network in New York. 

TRUST BUT VERIFY tells the story of White House Homeland Security Director, Samantha Reid, who teams up with FBI Special Agent Brett Keating as they race to unravel a brazen plot that threatens the lives of international financial leaders and stock markets worldwide. To read MWSA’s full review, click here or go to Amazon to purchase the book.

Readers, have you had a chance to read TRUST BUT VERIFY?

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  1. Gayle Lynds

    Congratulations, Karna! I'm thrilled that your fabulous political thriller TRUST BUT VERIFY won such a top award!

  2. Chris Goff

    Fabulous, Karna. I know how much it meant to me to win that medal. Congrats!! Well done!

  3. Rogue Women Writers

    Thank you, Gayle. Praise from the "Queen of Thriller Writers" is welcome indeed!….Karna

  4. Rogue Women Writers

    Yes, you certainly deserved your Medal from the military group for your terrific story, RED SKY…Karna

  5. Lisa Black

    This is so exciting!

  6. Carla Neggers

    Congratulations, Karna!

  7. avid reader

    why has she stopped writing novels?

  8. avid reader

    why has she stopped writing novels?

  9. avid reader

    I have read all five of her books and long for more!