ROGUE FLASH – February Giveaway Winners!

by | Mar 13, 2022 | Giveaways, Rogue Reads

Did you win our February Reads giveaway?

Rogue Reads author Gregg Hurwitz gave away two copies of his brand-new DARK HORSE to two lucky registrants from February’s Rogue Reads event on the 28th!!

Dark Horse giveaway

Robert Koehler of California said, “This is wonderful news! I look forward to reading Gregg’s new novel.”

Dark Horse giveaway

Jean Boe of Minnesota finds her emails from Rogue Women Writers a great way to start the day, and tells us “I like Gregg’s books. The first one I read (several years ago) got me hooked so now I anxiously await his new book(s).”

October giveaway

And, belatedly…lucky registrant from last October’s Rogue Reads, Elizabeth from Florence, Kentucky won Lisa Unger‘s new book, LAST GIRL GHOSTED. Elizabeth was happy to receive the book and is “looking forward to seeing more new authors on Rogue Women Writers!”

Be sure to register for March 14th Rogue Reads and win a giveaway copy of Rhys Bowen’s WILD IRISH ROSE!