Resolution-Smesolution: Score Card for my New Year’s Goals

by | May 8, 2019 | The Writer's Life | 8 comments

By Robin Burcell

It seems like yesterday that we were all talking about do we or don’t we make New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I did a post on it here, where I talked about adopting NYT Bestselling author, Laura Lippman’s One Word Resolution. I went with the word “energize,” because I needed a lot of energy to get a lot of things done, physically and mentally. I probably should have used the word “accountability,” since I’m really good at “procrastination.” 
Since time is short, and you’re probably more interested in winning free books, check out the post here for the Rogue’s anniversary giveaway. But if you’re the sort who likes to laugh (or commiserate at/with those of us who made resolutions), and wondering how I did, keep reading. It’s a quick list.
Taxes and Other Odds and Ends

1.  Office organization: Partial fail. Or…glass half-full? I unpacked all my moving boxes, but haven’t found bookshelves, so there’s nowhere to put anything that doesn’t fit in my desk. Now, at least it’s stored in open plastic-lidded containers stacked next to it. Mind you, this is in the very front room, so anyone who enters will see this (at least slightly more organized) stack of stuff the moment they enter, definitely when they leave.

2.  Organization/taxes:  Glass full! (Only because the IRS are sticklers with that 4/15 deadline.) Everything scanned and filed in a little plastic box (next to the desk in front room as noted above). I did get a bit of a rebuke from my tax guy, who made the suggestion that if I sorted, entered each piece of paper, receipt, etc., as they came in, my end of year process would take a couple of hours instead of the many-day production to sort my over-stuffed file. I’ve started doing this, but I need a new scanner that doesn’t shred my documents. (Taking Mac-compatible recommendations, BTW.)   
3.  Thinning out belongings: Glass half-empty. Once I got the office unpacked, I piled unused electronics, cords, etc., in a box. In the front room. Next to the desk. (See #1 above.)
I might need this.

4.  Thinning out me:  Glass half-empty, half-full, half-empty, half-full… (You know how diets work.) Trust me, the weight on my license is not  correct! I needed to up my game, because a daily walk of 1-2 miles wasn’t cutting it.  A week ago, my daughter signed us both up for a 6-week boot camp for whole body fitness. On day three, my arm and leg muscles were so sore and weak, I couldn’t get up off the couch. I ended up on my knees, crawling over to the rocking chair, but it only tipped forward when I tried to use it to stand. I crawled back to the couch, managing to maneuver onto it, only to still be stuck in the seated position I couldn’t get out of to begin with. I finally maneuvered my hips up onto the arm of the couch and used that to stand. This took 10 minutes!  Even so, I made it through the first week! I’m officially on Week 2, day 2 as I write this, and bonus points, I can get off the couch by myself. I’ll check back in and let you know how this works out for me. 

The Oracle 6/11/19

5.  Writing: Glass half-full. Still not disciplined enough to up my word countbecause I was trying to clean my office, etc. Also, at the beginning of the year, Mr. Cussler and I were finishing up the rewrites/edits of The Oracle, which comes out this June. I’m happy to say that the first review just came in: a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly.  I’d jump for joy, but my leg muscles aren’t quite there yet. 
How about you, Rogues Readers? Any progress on your resolutions?
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  1. Gayle Lynds

    I love this report, Robin! It sure seems to me you made huge progress, and I especially like the living room report. It is for living, after all, and that means for boxes and plastic containers, too! No, I especially love the big starred review for Oracle! I can't wait to read it! As for boot camp … you are inspiring!

  2. Rogue Women Writers

    Looks like good progress, Robin — as for those plastic containers (that a guest sees when first entering the house) – maybe you need wicker baskets, not the "see-through" type (just a thought) The best part of your post is word of your starred review in PW — this new thriller is definitely on my list to pre-order. Can't wait to read this one….Karna Bodman

  3. Robin Burcell

    Ha! Thanks! We'll see how inspiring I am 6 weeks from now!

  4. Robin Burcell

    Thank you, Karna! I'll definitely look into wicker.

  5. Lisa Black

    Congrats on the review and on meeting many of your goals!! I don’t have to worry about breaking any New Year’ resolutions…because I didn’t make any….

  6. Chris Goff

    I love the idea of Boot Camp. Not sure I'd survive, but I'd love to try. You seem to be doing fairly well with the goals. Love the diet yo-yo. No kidding!

  7. Robin Burcell

    I'm hoping to survive. I was sure I wouldn't after the first five days and the no-doubt-in-my-mind-someone-increased-earth's-gravitational-pull.