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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in October…

First in our Roundup is Rogue Jenny Milchman‘s heroes. They’re not fictional; they’re literary. Discover who they are and read Jenny’s advice for meeting your own heroes in the first post of the month, “Meeting Your Hero.”

Next, we announced the September Rogue Reads giveaway winners in a Rogue Flash. Four lucky fans who registered for the September Rogue Reads event won a book from our four guests.

Suspense, spies, and Nazis were all present in our next blog. Z.J. Czupor‘s Mystery Minute detailed the career of novelist Helen MacInnes, which began on her whirlwind honeymoon.

Dahmer was Netflix’s most watched new show ever, leading Rogue Alex Kava to ask: why are we so obsessed with serial killers? She dedicates the blog Dahmer And Others: Why Serial Killers Fascinate Us to some of our most infamous murderers.

Next, a helicopter pulls in a new fan. Rogue Tosca Lee talks us through fan mail—writing it and receiving it.

Rogue Lisa Black closed out the month with the riveting tale of Queen Elisabeth of Austria—who was and is most beloved by the people of Hungary, where she (almost) always lived in a violet-hued castle.

We hope you’ve had a thrilling October. Thank you for joining us for the Rogue Roundup!

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  1. Gayle Lynds

    What a great month it was! Thanks for the memories!