by | Dec 2, 2021 | Rogue Roundup

What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in November…

Bill McCormick kicked off the month for us as a guest blogger, chatting about his recent release and setting some crucial history straight. While Edgar Allan Poe is often recognized as author of the first detective story, McCormick asserts that the first was actually written over 2200 years earlier!

If you consume scary movies and books all year round, Jenny Milchman made some phenomenal recommendations sure to chill to the bone.

Any guesses as to who published the FIRST legal thriller in 1927? This month, Z.J. Czupor shined the spotlight on the trailblazing true crime fiction written by one female author…

We’re often warned “not to judge a book by its cover,” but author James Swallow suggests otherwise. Read his expertise and why covers are critical to the success of your book.

What is your greatest fear? Some may fear ghosts and monsters under the bed, but Chris Goff says she fears most “the monsters that walk among us.” They’re the reason we lock our doors, walk quickly along dimly lit streets, and wake with a chill down our spine when we hear an unfamiliar sound go bump in the night.

Tosca Lee traveled to the United Arab Emirates this month for a short, four-day visit to the Sharjah International Book Fair (currently the largest in the world). Read her travel diaries!

Next, the Rogues shared their Thanksgiving traditions including dishes (both unusual and typical) served at their tables year after year.

Later, we welcomed Richard Cass on the blog. He discussed his award-winning Elder Darrow series rich with jazz music, the City of Boston, and colorful and fascinating characters.

Lastly, our own Tracy Clark transported us to the Land of Oz as she journeyed down the Yellow Brick Road on a metaphor, likening writing to a certain beloved film.

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