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Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in May…

Lisa Black opened this month, delivering the chilling true-crime story about the disappearance of the Clinton Avenue Five. If you like unsolved mysteries, this blog is a must-read.

Then, Z.J. Czupor recounted the fascinating life of a man who was once a famed author, movie script writer, suave pipe-smoking spymaster, defender of the law — and breaker of the law. Mysterious, eh?

If you’re struggling at a crossroads in life, Jenny Milchman can relate. She advises, “When you come to a crossroads, turn right.” Just kidding, if only it were that easy. But she does provide a useful exercise for making stressful decisions, which you can read here.

In special news, Rogue Women Writers celebrated its fifth birthday this month. How time flies! We announced our huge anniversary giveaway and each of the Rogues gave us a recap of where the last five years have taken them.

Joani Elliott went Rogue! Her latest release, The Audacity of Sara Grayson, follows the daughter of an iconic suspense novelist on her journey to try and fulfill the dying wish of her literary mother. All she has to do? Finish the final book in her mother’s best-selling series.

Lastly, The Real Book Spy gave us his monthly recommendation, which happened to be by one of the talented authors who joined us for May’s Rogue Reads. If you missed May’s event, watch here.

What did you get up to this past month? Did it whiz by for you, too?

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