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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in May…

May began with a flash—a Rogue Flash, that is. On the second of the month, we announced the winners of the April Rogue Reads Giveaway: Judith from Nebraska and Cindy Bower of Ohio won Fallen Creed and Death of the Black Widow, respectively. Happy reading!

Just a few days later, Chris Holm Went Rogue to scare the living daylights out of us with the science behind the pandemic in his new novel Child Zero.

Rogue Roundup Where's a writer to go?
Where’s a writer to go?

The first week wrapped up with advice from the Rogues in an Ask The Rogues. Eight Rogue Women Writers told us where they go when they need to “unstuck” a plot or find inspiration. Find out where inspiration strikes for our Rogues and tell us where you go to write in the comments of this installment of Ask The Rogues: You’re stuck? Oh, no! Where’s a writer to go?

The second Tuesday of the month heralded in ZJ Czupor with a new Mystery Minute about a best-selling author who lived a lifetime of contradiction and experimentation. She was born with a man’s name into an impoverished family in New Orleans. Wager any guesses on who she may be? Find out in May’s Mystery Minute: She Moved Our Collective Consciousness.

In the middle of the month, Rogue Tracy Clark found an old friend behind a bookshelf. She guides us through her reverie and the character’s impact on her reading and writing in My Old Friend, Harriet The Spy.

Rogue Roundup Do Novelists Predict the Future?

Ever find yourself reading an old book that holds uncanny parallels to the present or outright predictions? Rogue Karna Small Bodman walks us through what it’s like to write those books and accidentally predict the future.

On the 21st, we gave a huge congratulations to Tracy Clark and Gayle Lynds for their Anthony Award Nominations. See which THREE categories they’re nominated for and find a list of nominees in this Rogue Flash.

Next Jodé Millman Goes Rogue, revealing the deeply disturbing, true-to-life premise behind her novel Hooker Avenue—a must-read thriller.

Rogue Isabella Maldonado reveals how over two decades with a badge changes you. Now retired from policing, she finds that some habits are hard to kick. She reveals them in Please Excuse My Badge.

Next, a Rogue Flash announced our FOUR giveaway winners from the May Rogue Reads Event. See who they are and what they love about Rogue Reads!

Then, Rogue Jenny Milchman closed out the month with a Q&A on the 31st. She spoke with author Hannah Mary McKinnon, discussing the happily never after in Never Coming Home—and giving a copy away.

And that’s a wrap for May! Onwards to June, where we have so many more great stories in store. Sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to read them!

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