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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in March… March may be the start of spring, but it began in a frozen wonderland. Our extraordinary guest author ERICA FERENCIK went rogue, leading us on an adventure beneath the auroras and into the permafrost of Arctic Greenland, where she recounted her experience of finding a polar bear and losing herself. Next, a Rogue Flash welcomed two new roguesALEX KAVA and ISABELLA MALDONADO! We are over the moon to add these two talented authors to our crew. Two days later, six of us granted you access to our offices and provided tours of our desks. Cluttered, messy, minimalist—see it all on our Secrets in a Writer’s Office blog post.
Tosca Lee's office
Tosca Lee’s Office
January Giveaway winners were announced next! Did you join the January Rogue Reads? Well, have a look and see if you won one of the four novels up for grabs! During the second week of March, Rogue author TRACY CLARK recounted her guest appearance on her local Chicago PBS station WTTW—and the ghost she met while on set at the Red Lion Pub. ZJ CZUPOR then stops by to reintroduce us to Chester Himes, a 20th century author with a hard-boiled style and sketchy past. Find the whole story at March’s Mystery Minute: The Rage of a Writer. Next, the two lucky February Rogue Giveaway winners were announced! Both Jean Boe and Robert Koehler won Rogue Reads author GREGG HURWITZ‘s novels and a belated lucky registrant from last October won a LISA UNGER novel. Then, Bucharest Dossier author WILLIAM MAZ went rogue to tell a tale of spies, history, intrigue—and a love story. His visit was followed by a Literary Dinner Party, where Rogue author KARNA SMALL BODMAN set a table for five famous guests at her imaginary shindig. Once the table cloth was folded and tea cups neatly stored, LISA BLACK took the stage to remind us to Never Talk to a Writer on a Day the Writing Isn’t Going Well—and why committing such a foible could be hazardous to your health.
Writing isn't going well
The frustrations of writing
Later that week, a Rogue Flash brought us a single giveaway winner, this one chosen for the March Rogue Reads Giveaway. Rogue author JENNY MILCHMAN then followed Lisa Black’s suit by teaching us how to Care & Keep Your Writer—providing five ways to keep your writer from becoming a raging, demonic creature—shockingly, she does suggest feeding them after midnight! Thank you for joining us for this month’s Rogue Roundup! May April showers bring you flowers.
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