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Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in June…

We opened this month with a guest blog from none other than Harriet Walker, fashion editor of The Times (UK), and author of new psychological suspense novel, THE WEDDING NIGHT. This juicy read explores what happens when a highly anticipated wedding celebration takes a much darker turn.

Then, Carla Neggers celebrated the advent of summertime with a vibrant blog detailing her current summer read, favorite summer reading spot, and she dished a delicious recipe for scrumptious raspberry pie. Yum!

Do you think you know a thing or two about Faulkner? Think again! This month, Z.J. Czupor’s Mystery Minute took us on an amazing tour through William Faulkner’s life and career.

Next, Karna Small Bodman shared a sunny perspective from Naples, FL. After a long pandemic slumber, travelers are finally returning to the Sunshine State! Karna recommended a few fabulous beach reads written by authors who have called Naples “home.”

Lisa Black delivered a chilling blog about the various occasions that serial killers have aired on reality television and game shows. It’s happened more times than you’d like to think.

We welcomed guest author Gary Grossman on the blog this month, and he shared a story of hilarious circumstance. This crazy tale has since informed his “number one rule” for thriller writing, and it’s a lesson he learned the hard way.

Lastly, we revealed the winner of our huge anniversary giveaway! Read more about the lucky recipient (she might just be an author, too).

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  1. Rogue Women Writers

    So many great ideas here from various Rogues — in case you missed any – do check the out!…Karna Small Bodman