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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in June…

When writing is your favorite part of being an author, promotion can be a drag. That’s why you need to a writer buddy to make the time fly by. Tracy Clark introduces us to hers in Moving Merch: Better with a Buddy.

June Rogue Roundup Moving Merch

Have you ever wondered how Zoom came about? Karna Small Bodman brought us the whole story ahead of our monthly, virtual Rogue Reads event.

Next, Z.J. Czupor stopped by with On Tour with Dead Writers, bringing us clues to June’s mystery author. Can you guess their identity?

Isabella Maldonado then led us on a hunt for a well-known, but rarely seen realm: the elusive flow state. That place where words pour out like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, smooth and invigorating. Dive into the search with her blog Flow and Hyperfocus: Superpower and Achilles’ Heel.

June Rogue Roundup Flow State

Towards the end of the month, the bright solstice brought us a bright, award-winning news flash! We recieved news that Tosca Lee and Marcus Brotherton‘s The Long March Home won the International Book Award in Historical Fiction! Join us in congratulating them!

Lastly, we wrapped up June with a summer vacation! Visiting fantastic places and, of course, leaving no trace. Tourism can be an economic boon to a town, but bad tourists are a local’s worst nightmare. Jenny Milchman brings us 8 Tips to avoid being “That Guy” on vacation.

Thank you for joining us for the June Rogue Roundup.  Rogue Reads will be on hiatus for July & August, however the next On Tour with Dead Writers will be out July 9 and we’ll be bringing your blogs weekly!
Until next time, stay Rogue.

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