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It’s a Rogue Roundup: See what we Rogues discovered, researched, and talked about in June

We began the month with a Giveaway Announcement. Four lucky registrants of our May Rogue Reads won their own new escapist reads. Did you miss May’s event? June’s too!? Well, we missed you. Tune in again in September for our next Rogue Reads as we’re on hiatus July and August.

In early June, a special guest introduced us to a list of inspiring—and very grumpy—old men. Kimberly G. Giarratano created a character who is an amalgamation of real life grumps: combining traits from her grandfather, movie stars, and even muppets to breath life into her private investigator’s sidekick. See whose personalities were sampled in her guest blog.

June Rogue Reads - Kimberly G. Giarratano Goes Rogue

We then joined Z.J. Czupor On Tour With Dead Writers. This month we guessed at whose work inspired Bob Kane’s inspiration for Batman. As always, a prize was in store for whoever guessed this famous dead writer and subscribers received an extra hint to better their chances. Click the button at the bottom of the blog to reveal the correct answer!

Our tour with dead writers announced, we began a tour of an all-together different kind: a book tour. Jenny Milchman recounted her very first book tour which spanned 47 states and landed her on a bestseller list. She gives roadtrippers, novelists or not, all the tips and tricks she acquired while traveling with her husband and two small children in Car Schooling.

June Rogue Reads - Car Schooling

Back home at last, we welcomed special guest William Maz who walked us through the high wire act of building Romance in Spy Thrillers. Both Romance and Spies are emblematic of the genre, however building tension in both plots without taking away from either isn’t for the faint of heart.

Oh, you’ve got craft down? Fantastic, but what about marketing? Telling readers to buy your book over and over isn’t going to work in the longterm. Thankfully, Bestselling Author Alex Kava is here to help with seven ways to personably connect with readers after the last chapter.

Lastly, Tosca Lee closed out the month in conversation with her coauthor Marcus Brotherton, giving RWW an exclusive behind-the-scenes of their writing process. Read along to learn exactly how these two coauthored The Long March Home.

June Rogue Reads - Coauthoring a Novel

That’s a wrap for the June Rogue Roundup. Remember, subscribers get first looks at all these blogs, receiving alerts and giveaways directly to their inbox. Sign up to join in on the fun! And, of course, thank you for going rogue.

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