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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in June…

We launched June with yet another round of congratulations for Rogue Tracy Clark! Her 2021 novel, Runner, has been named a finalist for the Shamus Award in the Best PI Hardcover category. Read all about it in this Rogue Flash.

Next, Rogue Alex Kava needed a fresh, new start when her editor retired early—so she sent her career to the dogs.

June Rogue Roundup. "Letting My Career Go To The Dogs."

Did you know Rogue Woman Writers is now 6? We celebrated with a spectacular book giveaway—a single reader on our Newsletter list winning the huge haul. Our lucky winner was Kathleen in Wisconsin. See what Kathleen won in this Rogue Flash.

Rogue Tosca Lee then took us Behind the Scenes, revealing the writer lessons she learned the hard way while crafting The Line Between.

Before there was Stephen King, there was another big name in horror. An author whose name you may not recognize, but whose mystery, science fiction, and, of course, Gothic horror you certainly do. Stop in to this month’s Mystery Minute from ZJ Czupor to learn who this mystery man was.

Do you know one of the quickest methods to speed up a plot? Simply slow your characters down. Rogue Lisa Black revisits the television-age old trope of The Quicksand Episode, unpacking exactly why it’s so useful.

Next: a guest appearance from Tess Gerritsen. Gerritsen faced burnout until she learned how to keep a series fresh while writing her latest novel, Listen To Me, out 7/5.

Tess Gerritsen (2019)
Nederland, Amsterdam

Rogue Chris Goff then closed out June with a short yet complicated question: “Who gets to tell which stories?” She guides us through this question, considering fiction, experience, and how they intersect in When Fiction Crosses The Line.

That is all for June! We’ll see you throughout July for even more great blogs. Don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to read them!

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