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Happy Christmas morning here in Maine, after opening gifts

Greetings from Gayle Lynds.  It’s the morning after Christmas at our house, and peace reigns.  Such excitement yesterday, with children and grandchildren and mouth-watering food and laughing and opening of gifts.  Favorites were books and patterned socks in bright colors. 

But now I’m awake before everyone else, sitting with my feet up on my desk, writing this blog.  Domino the Cat followed me and is purring on my lap.  The house is so quiet I can hear the chickadees land on the bird feeder outside my window.  The sky is pink with dawn. 

Although I’m tired from yesterday, I have a deep sense of fulfillment that I don’t quite understand.  Perhaps it’s because my children live far away so to have them here with John’s children brings me a sense of completion.  The family is complete. 

It’s also true I want to know who each of them is now, right this very moment, and one way is to see them interacting.  At the same time, it’s important to me to be alone with each, to close my mouth and listen as they tell me what matters in their lives.  I think we wish for our children no pain, no struggle, an easy life.  But then there’s no challenge, no richness, no opportunities to test ourselves and achieve our own joy. 

They’ve given me a great gift — they’ve let me see the river of their life, from birth to today and, hopefully, far into the future.  As a parent I feel a swell of happiness for them, and gratitude to be here to enjoy them.

They are waking now.  The kitchen is filling with the sound of footsteps and voices.  I smell coffee.  The aroma reminds me of my own mother who has been dead many years, but her cheery morning voice and the smell of her percolating coffee are imprinted on my brain stem.  I loved walking into her warm, bright kitchen and seeing her smile.

I can hear my brood laughing and talking, so I’m going to say good-bye to you.  I’m off to my kitchen to join them.  What do they have planned for today?  Will they be wearing their Christmas socks?  I will listen and watch and smile with all my heart at them.

What is your day like, and what will you do?  Please tell us!

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  1. Robin Burcell

    It sounds blissful, Gayle! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carla Neggers

    Enjoyed reading this — so much in so few words.