ROGUE FLASH – May Rogue Reads Giveaway Winners announced!

by | May 26, 2022 | Giveaways, Rogue Reads

FOUR lucky registrants for the May Rogue Reads event were randomly chosen to receive books donated by SARA PARETSKY, CHRIS HOLM, JAMES ROLLINS and AMANDA QUICK (JAYNE ANN KRENTZ).

Summer is excited to receive a copy of Sara Paretsky’s OVERBOARD. She tells us, “Wow, I was so not expecting to win anything! Thank you so much.”

Sherri Riegel of California won WHEN SHE DREAMS by Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz). “I am glad I found out about Rogue Women Writers and I am a fan of Amanda and so far TIGHTROPE is my fave! HAPPY TO HAVE WON!”

Josh West of Rhode Island won James Rollins’ KINGDOM OF BONES.

Josh writes: “James Rollins has been my favorite author now for almost a decade. He resurrected my love for reading and I will always read anything he writes. I enjoy his style and pace of writing while he weaves intricate pieces of history into his stories. I’m a huge fan of the Sigma series and am thoroughly looking forward to reading KINGDOM OF BONES.”

Linn Sinnott of Ohio won a copy of Chris Holm’s CHILD ZERO.

Linn tells us: “Last night was my first experience with Rogue Reads, and I enjoyed it very much. Your panel were all lively and interesting talkers. I’m not a writer myself, but I am a voracious reader, so the book will be much appreciated.”

Be sure to tune in next month on June 13th, 7 pm EST, to listen to four more incredible authors: FAYE SNOWDEN, KATE KHAVARI, TORI ELDRIDGE and KATE WHITE!! See Rogue Women Writers for more information.